18-letter words starting with a

  • a barrel of laughs — If an experience is a barrel of laughs, it is very enjoyable. If someone is a barrel of laughs, they are fun to be with.
  • a bird in the hand — A bird in the hand is something that you already have and do not want to risk losing by trying to get something else.
  • a bit of all right — a sexually attractive woman
  • a farewell to arms — a novel (1929) by Ernest Hemingway.
  • a flash in the pan — If you describe an achievement or success as a flash in the pan, you mean that it is unlikely to be repeated and is not an indication of future achievements or success.
  • a foot in the door — an action, appointment, etc, that provides an initial step towards a desired goal, esp one that is not easily attainable
  • a good second best — an acceptable alternative
  • a leap in the dark — an action performed without knowledge of the consequences
  • a month of sundays — a long unspecified period
  • a pain in the arse — In informal English, if you call someone or something a pain or a pain in the neck, you mean that they are very annoying or irritating. Expressions such as a pain in the arse and a pain in the backside in British English, or a pain in the ass and a pain in the butt in American English, are also used, but most people consider them offensive.
  • a piece of crumpet — a sexually desirable woman
  • a place in the sun — If you say that someone has found their place in the sun, you mean that they are in a job or a situation where they will be happy and have everything that they want.
  • a plague on sb/sth — You say a plague on a particular person or thing when you are very irritated by them and do not want to bother with them any more.
  • a shot in the dark — If you describe something someone says or does as a shot in the dark or a stab in the dark, you mean they are guessing that what they say is correct or that what they do will be successful.
  • a slap in the face — If you describe something that someone does as a slap in the face, you mean that it shocks or upsets you because it shows that they do not support you or respect you.
  • a slap on the back — congratulation
  • aarp probe packets — (networking)   AARP packets sent out on a nonextended AppleTalk network to discover whether a randomly selected node ID is being used by any node. If not, the sending node uses the node ID. If so, it chooses a different ID and sends more AARP probe packets.
  • abd-er-rahman khan — 1830?–1901, amir of Afghanistan 1880–1901.
  • able-bodied seaman — an ordinary seaman, esp one in the merchant navy, who has been trained in certain skills
  • abominable snowman — a large legendary manlike or apelike creature, alleged to inhabit the Himalayan Mountains
  • abortion-on-demand — the right of a woman to have an abortion during the first six months of a pregnancy.
  • absolute liability — full legal responsibility for damages or for an injury, without the need for proof and regardless of the degree of negligence or fault
  • absolute magnitude — the apparent magnitude a given star would have if it were situated at a distance of 10 parsecs (32.6 light years) from the earth
  • absolute threshold — the minimum intensity of a stimulus at which it can just be perceived
  • absolute viscosity — a full name for viscosity, used to distinguish it from kinematic viscosity and specific viscosity
  • absorption costing — a method of cost accounting in which overheads are apportioned to cost centres, where they are absorbed using predetermined rates
  • abstract data type — (programming)   (ADT) A kind of data abstraction where a type's internal form is hidden behind a set of access functions. Values of the type are created and inspected only by calls to the access functions. This allows the implementation of the type to be changed without requiring any changes outside the module in which it is defined. A classic example of an ADT is a stack data type for which functions might be provided to create an empty stack, to push values onto a stack and to pop values from a stack.
  • academie francaise — French Academy.
  • acadian flycatcher — a small, greenish tyrant flycatcher (Empidonax virescens) found in deciduous forests of E North America
  • accelerated reader — a teaching device into which a page of reading material is inserted and advanced one line at a time, gradually increasing the speed to accelerate and improve one's rate of reading comprehension.
  • acceptance testing — (programming)   Formal testing conducted to determine whether a system satisfies its acceptance criteria and thus whether the customer should accept the system.
  • accident insurance — insurance providing compensation for accidental injury or death
  • accident proneness — the unconscious tendency, thought to exist in some people, to involve themselves in a large number of accidents
  • accommodation bill — a bill of exchange cosigned by a guarantor: designed to strengthen the acceptor's credit
  • accommodation line — insurance that, by itself, would not be acceptable to an insurer but is written in connection with other policies as an accommodation to an agent or broker.
  • accommodation road — a road that serves residential properties or a piece of land but which is not considered a public highway
  • according to hoyle — according to the rules and regulations; in the prescribed, fair, or correct way
  • account receivable — a current asset account showing amounts payable to a firm by customers who have made purchases of goods and services on credit
  • accounting machine — a machine for performing bookkeeping functions, as arithmetic operations or vertical and horizontal tabulations.
  • accretionary wedge — a body of deformed sediments, wedge-shaped in two dimensions or prism-shaped in three dimensions, that has been scraped off the surface of the oceanic lithosphere as it moves downwards beneath a continent or island arc. The sediments are added to the continental edge
  • accumulation point — a point such that every neighborhood of the point contains at least one point in a given set other than the given point.
  • acid precipitation — meteorological precipitation that is relatively acidic.
  • acorn online media — (company)   A company formed in August 1994 by Acorn Computer Group plc to exploit the ARM RISC in television set-top box decoders. They planned to woo British Telecommunications plc to use the box in some of its video on demand trials. The "STB1" box was based on an ARM8 core with additional circuits to enable MPEG to be decoded in software - possibly dedicated instructions for interpolation, inverse DCT or Huffman table extraction. A prototype featured audio MPEG chips, Acorn's RISC OS operating system and supported Oracle Media Objects and Microword. Online planned to reduce component count by transferring functions from boards into the single RISC chip. The company was origianlly wholly owned by Acorn but was expected to bring in external investment. In 1996 they releasd the imaginatively titled "Set Top Box 2" (STB20M) with a 32 MHz ARM 7500 and 2 to 32 MB RAM. There was also a "Set Top Box 22".
  • acorn risc machine — (processor)   The original name of the Advanced RISC Machine.
  • acoustic impedance — the total reaction of a medium to the transmission of sound through it, expressed as the ratio of sound pressure to particle velocity at a given point in the medium.
  • acoustic inertance — inertance.
  • acoustic phonetics — the branch of phonetics concerned with the acoustic properties of human speech
  • acoustic reactance — acoustic impedance caused by the inertia and elasticity of the transmitting medium.
  • acquired behaviour — the behaviour of an organism resulting from the effects of the environment
  • acquired character — a modification of structure or function caused by environmental factors: now generally regarded as not inheritable

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