Words ending with ye

2 letter words ending with ye

  • ye — to address as “thou.”.

3 letter words ending with ye

  • aye — Aye means yes; used in some dialects of British English.
  • bye — Bye and bye-bye are informal ways of saying goodbye.
  • dye — a coloring material or matter.
  • eye — Each of a pair of globular organs in the head through which people and vertebrate animals see, the visible part typically appearing almond-shaped in animals with eyelids.
  • fye — Alternative form of fie.

4 letter words ending with ye

  • abye — Alternative spelling of aby.
  • baye — to bathe
  • daye — Archaic spelling of day.
  • faye — a female given name, form of Faith.
  • flye — (weightlifting) An exercise performed by moving extended arms through an arc while the elbows are kept at a fixed angle, especially those done to exercise the chest muscles.

5 letter words ending with ye

  • barye — a unit of pressure in the cgs system equal to 1 dyne per square centimetre. 1 barye is equivalent to 1 microbar
  • bedye — to dye
  • cloye — to claw
  • debye — Peter Joseph Wilhelm. 1884–1966, Dutch chemist and physicist, working in the US: Nobel prize for chemistry (1936) for his work on dipole moments
  • ladye — Archaic spelling of lady.

6 letter words ending with ye

  • azodye — Alternative spelling of azo dye.
  • bigeye — any tropical or subtropical red marine percoid fish of the family Priacanthidae, having very large eyes and rough scales
  • bugeye — a ketch-rigged sailing vessel used on Chesapeake Bay.
  • ennuye — Variant of ennui; listlessness and dissatisfaction resulting from lack of interest; bored.
  • konoye — Prince Fumimaro [foo-mee-mah-raw] /ˈfu miˈmɑ rɔ/ (Show IPA), 1891–1945, Japanese statesman: premier 1937–39, 1940–41.

7 letter words ending with ye

  • armscye — the armhole opening in a garment.
  • armseye — the armhole opening in a garment.
  • aye-aye — a nocturnal lemur, Daubentonia madagascariensis, of Madagascar, feeding on insects and fruit, and having rodentlike incisors and long fingers: an endangered species.
  • beadeye — stonecat.
  • buckeye — any of several North American trees of the genus Aesculus, esp A. glabra (Ohio buckeye), having erect clusters of white or red flowers and prickly fruits: family Hippocastanaceae

8 letter words ending with ye

  • aftereye — to look at or watch someone or something that has passed by
  • arms-eye — the armhole opening in a garment.
  • birdseye — Clarence1886-1956; U.S. inventor of methods of quick-freezing foods
  • buck-eye — any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Aesculus, as A. glabra (Ohio buckeye) having palmate leaves, gray, scaly bark, and bell-shaped greenish-yellow flowers in upright clusters: the state tree of Ohio.
  • bullseye — the circular spot, usually black or outlined in black, at the center of a target marked with concentric circles and used in target practice.

9 letter words ending with ye

  • barreleye — any of the bathypelagic fishes of the family Opisthoproctidae, especially Macropinna microstoma, having telescoping eyes.
  • beddy-bye — bed or bedtime
  • bindi-eye — any of various small weedy Australian herbaceous plants of the genus Calotis, with burlike fruits: family Asteraceae (composites)
  • cat's-eye — any of a group of gemstones, esp a greenish-yellow variety of chrysoberyl, that reflect a streak of light when cut in a rounded unfaceted shape
  • chudskoye — Lakelake on the Estonian-Russian border: with its S extension, Lake Pskov, c. 1,400 sq mi (3,626 sq km)

10 letter words ending with ye

  • bird's-eye — seen or photographed from high above
  • bull's-eye — The bull's-eye is the small circular area at the centre of a target.
  • goggle-eye — rock bass.
  • hawk's-eye — a dark-blue chatoyant quartz formed by the silicification of crocidolite, used for ornamental purposes. Compare tiger's-eye (def 1).
  • silver-eye — white-eye.

11 letter words ending with ye

  • come-all-ye — a street ballad or folk song
  • tie-and-dye — tie-dyeing.
  • tiger's-eye — a golden-brown chatoyant stone used for ornament, formed by the alteration of crocidolite, and consisting essentially of quartz colored by iron oxide.

19 letter words ending with ye

  • st.-germain-en-laye — a city in N France, near Paris: royal château and forest; treaties 1570, 1632, 1679, 1919.

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