Words ending with ware

4 letter words ending with ware

  • ware — the first season in the year; spring.
  • arretine ware — a red-glazed terracotta pottery produced in Tuscany from 100 b.c. to a.d. 100 and widely traded.
  • bamboo ware — a cane-colored Wedgwood stoneware of c1770 imitating bamboo.
  • biscuit ware — unglazed earthenware
  • cameo ware — jasper ware with applied decoration of classical motifs, resembling a cameo

5 letter words ending with ware

  • -ware — (jargon)   A suffix used to form terms for classes of software. For example, careware, crippleware, crudware, freeware, fritterware, guiltware, liveware, meatware, nagware, payware, psychedelicware, shareware, shelfware, vaporware, wetware.
  • aware — If you are aware of something, you know about it.
  • sware — simple past tense of swear.
  • well aware — having knowledge; conscious; cognizant: aware of danger.

6 letter words ending with ware

  • adware — a type of computer software that collects information about a user's browsing patterns in order to display relevant advertisements in his or her Web browser
  • beware — If you tell someone to beware of a person or thing, you are warning them that the person or thing may harm them or be dangerous.
  • unware — unwary or incautious; careless

7 letter words ending with ware

  • artware — an article of china, porcelain, glass, or the like, prized for its artistry and collected as an art object: a rare collection of artwares.
  • barware — the glasses and other equipment used in a bar
  • cutware — tools used in cutting, as knives or blades.
  • fatware — (computing, informal) Bloatware.
  • malware — software intended to damage a computer, mobile device, computer system, or computer network, or to take partial control over its operation: tips on finding and removing viruses, spyware, and other malware.

8 letter words ending with ware

  • bakeware — Tins, trays, and dishes that are used for baking can be referred to as bakeware.
  • callware — (company)   The developers of Phonetastic.
  • caneware — a type of unglazed, tan-coloured stoneware, developed around 1770 by Josiah Wedgwood
  • careware — computer software licensed in exchange for a donation to charity
  • clayware — pottery

9 letter words ending with ware

  • agateware — ceramic ware made to resemble agate or marble
  • annoyware — (software)   Shareware that reminds you frequently that you are using an unregistered copy.
  • bloatware — computer software with an excessive number of unnecessary features and, often, unnecessarily high memory and disc space requirements
  • brassware — articles made of brass, considered as a group
  • chinaware — articles made of china, esp those made for domestic use

10 letter words ending with ware

  • basaltware — hard fine-grained black stoneware, made in Europe, esp in England, in the late 18th century
  • censorware — (computing) Software or hardware used to filter content on the Internet or block Internet access or restrict the running of applications or computer usage. Content filtering software, or a component in an operating system or console used to disable reception of media on the basis of content believed to be objectionable.
  • china-ware — dishes, ornaments, etc., made of china.
  • copperware — Articles made from copper.
  • courseware — computer software designed to be used in an educational course

11 letter words ending with ware

  • abandonware — computer software which is no longer sold or supported by its publisher
  • antimalware — Designed or intended to combat or eliminate malware on a computer system.
  • antispyware — Designed or intended to combat or eliminate spyware on a computer system.
  • charityware — careware
  • crackleware — porcelain or pottery decorated with intentional crazing in the glaze

12 letter words ending with ware

  • brochureware — (jargon, business)   A planned, but non-existent, product, like vaporware but with the added implication that marketing is actively selling and promoting it (they've printed brochures). Brochureware is often deployed to con customers into not committing to a competing existing product. The term is now especially applicable to new websites, website revisions, and ancillary services such as customer support and product return. Owing to the explosion of database-driven, cookie-using dot-coms (of the sort that can now deduce that you are, in fact, a dog), the term is now also used to describe sites made up of static HTML pages that contain not much more than contact info and mission statements. The term suggests that the company is small, irrelevant to the web, local in scope, clueless, broke, just starting out, or some combination thereof. Many new companies without product, funding, or even staff, post brochureware with investor info and press releases to help publicise their ventures. As of December 1999, examples include pop.com and cdradio.com. Small-timers that really have no business on the web such as lawncare companies and divorce laywers inexplicably have brochureware made that stays unchanged for years.
  • donationware — (Internet) A variant of freeware that offers an option to its user to donate money to the program's author.
  • majolicaware — goods made from majolica
  • postcardware — Shareware that borders on freeware, in that the author requests only that satisfied users send a postcard of their home town or something. (This practice, silly as it might seem, serves to remind users that they are otherwise getting something for nothing, and may also be psychologically related to real estate "sales" in which $1 changes hands just to keep the transaction from being a gift.)
  • telesoftware — the transmission of computer programs on a teletext system

15 letter words ending with ware

  • psychedelicware — /si:"k*-del"-ik-weir/ [UK] Synonym display hack. See also smoking clover.

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