16-letter words that end in und

  • break new ground — to do something that has not been done before
  • class background — a person's background with reference to social class
  • contingency fund — a sum of money allocated for use in an emergency or to cover unforeseen expenses
  • cutting compound — a mixture, such as oil, water, and soap, used for cooling drills and other cutting tools
  • ground-to-ground — (of weapons) designed to be fired at ground targets from the ground
  • have been around — be experienced
  • norwegian buhund — a slightly-built medium-sized dog of a breed with erect pointed ears and a short thick tail carried curled over its back
  • oxonium compound — a salt formed by the reaction of an acid with an organic compound containing a basic oxygen atom.
  • prometheus bound — a tragedy (c457 b.c.) by Aeschylus.
  • rooting compound — a substance, usually a powder, containing auxins in which plant cuttings are dipped in order to promote root growth
  • run rings around — a typically circular band of metal or other durable material, especially one of gold or other precious metal, often set with gems, for wearing on the finger as an ornament, a token of betrothal or marriage, etc.
  • swedish vallhund — a small sturdy dog of a Swedish breed with a long body and pricked pointed ears
  • wheelchair-bound — unable to walk through injury, illness, etc and relying on a wheelchair to move around

On this page, we collect all 16-letter words ending in UND. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 16-letter word that ends in UND to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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