14-letter words that end in und

  • all year round — If something happens all year round, it happens throughout the year.
  • burying ground — a burial ground.
  • compound-wound — noting an electric device in which part of the field circuit is in parallel with the armature circuit and part is in series with it.
  • cross-compound — (of a compound engine or turbine) having the high-pressure and low-pressure units side by side.
  • dumping ground — dump (def 17).
  • dumping-ground — dump (def 17).
  • emergency fund — a sum of money set aside by a country, group, or organization for use in an emergency
  • evergreen fund — a fund that provides capital for new companies and makes regular injections of capital to support their development
  • feeding ground — The feeding ground of a group of animals or birds, is the place where they find food and eat.
  • fishing ground — a part of a body of water where the fishing is usually good.
  • grapple ground — an anchorage, especially for small vessels.
  • homeward bound — going home
  • hunting ground — a section or area for hunting game.
  • joint compound — a plasterlike material used to cover joints or the heads of screws in drywall or plasterboard.
  • landing ground — airfield
  • lost and found — a room in a public place for items left behind and from which the owners may retrieve them.
  • merry-go-round — Also called carousel, carrousel. (in amusement parks, carnivals, etc.) a revolving, circular platform with wooden horses or other animals, benches, etc., on which people may sit or ride, usually to the accompaniment of mechanical or recorded music.
  • muni bond fund — municipal bond fund.
  • neutral ground — a median strip on a highway or boulevard, especially one planted with grass.
  • nitro compound — any one of a class of usually organic compounds that contain the monovalent group -NO2 (nitro group or radical), linked to a carbon atom. The commonest example is nitrobenzene, C6H5NO2
  • off the ground — the solid surface of the earth; firm or dry land: to fall to the ground.
  • on firm ground — in a safe situation
  • on home ground — If you say that someone is on their home ground, you mean that they are in or near where they work or live, and feel confident and secure because of this.
  • on the rebound — to bound or spring back from force of impact.
  • onium compound — type of chemical salt
  • plymouth sound — an inlet of the English Channel in SW Devon, SW England
  • proving ground — any place, context, or area for testing something, as a piece of scientific equipment, a theory, etc.
  • puncture wound — injury: perforation
  • revolving fund — any loan fund intended to be maintained by the repayment of past loans.
  • safe and sound — unharmed and well
  • scoresby sound — a heavily indented arm of the Norwegian Sea in E Greenland.
  • solid compound — a word formed from two or more other words or elements, written or printed as single word without a hyphen
  • surround sound — multi-speaker stereo system
  • suwannee sound — a part of the Gulf of Mexico where the Suwannee river reaches the sea
  • testing ground — place where sth is tested
  • vantage ground — a position or place that gives one an advantage, as for action, view, or defense.

On this page, we collect all 14-letter words ending in UND. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 14-letter word that ends in UND to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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