Words ending with uck

4 letter words ending with uck

  • buck — A buck is a US or Australian dollar.
  • cuck — (slang) A cuckold.
  • duck — any of numerous wild or domesticated web-footed swimming birds of the family Anatidae, especially of the genus Anas and allied genera, characterized by abroad, flat bill, short legs, and depressed body.
  • fuck — to have sexual intercourse with.
  • guck — slime or oozy dirt: the guck in a stagnant pond.

5 letter words ending with uck

  • amuck — amok
  • chuck — When you chuck something somewhere, you throw it there in a casual or careless way.
  • cluck — When a hen clucks, it makes short, low noises.
  • cruck — one of a pair of curved wooden timbers supporting the end of the roof in certain types of building
  • gluckAlma (Reba Fiersohn; Mme. Efrem Zimbalist) 1884–1938, U.S. operatic soprano, born in Romania.

6 letter words ending with uck

  • beduck — to duck under water
  • canuck — a Canadian
  • nubuck — suede-like leather
  • shmuck — schmuck.
  • struck — simple past tense and a past participle of strike.

7 letter words ending with uck

  • bumfuck — a remote or insignificant place
  • geoduck — a very large edible clam, Panope generosa, of the NW coast of the U.S.
  • gweduck — Alternative form of geoduck.
  • hawbuck — a country bumpkin
  • heyduck — one of a class of mercenary soldiers in 16th-century Hungary.

8 letter words ending with uck

  • blesbuck — blesbok.
  • bushbuck — a small nocturnal spiral-horned antelope, Tragelaphus scriptus, of the bush and tropical forest of Africa. Its coat is reddish-brown with a few white markings
  • delbruck — Max. 1906–81, US molecular biologist, born in Germany. Noted for his work on bacteriophages, he shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine in 1969
  • gemsbuck — gemsbok.
  • headfuck — an experience that is wildly exciting or impressive

9 letter words ending with uck

  • autotruck — a motor truck.
  • awestruck — If someone is awestruck, they are very impressed and amazed by something.
  • blackbuck — an Indian antelope, Antilope cervicapra, the male of which has spiral horns, a dark back, and a white belly
  • bontebuck — bontebok.
  • brainfuck — (language)   An eight-instruction esoteric programming language created by Urban Müller. His goal was apparently to create a Turing-complete language with the smallest compiler ever, for the Amiga OS 2.0. He eventually reduced his compiler to under 200 bytes. A Brainfuck program has a pointer that moves within an array of 30000 bytes, initially all set to zero. The pointer initially points to the beginning of this array. The language has eight commands, each of which is represented as a single character, and which can be expressed in terms of C as follows: > ==> ++p; < ==> --p; + ==> ++*p; - ==> --*p; . ==> putchar(*p); , ==> *p = getchar(); [ ==> while (*p) { ] ==> } Brian Raiter's Brainfuck page.

10 letter words ending with uck

  • awe-struck — filled with awe
  • dumbstruck — temporarily deprived of the power of speech, as by surprise or confusion; dumbfounded.
  • lovestruck — Alternative spelling of love-struck.
  • moonstruck — mentally deranged, supposedly by the influence of the moon; crazed.
  • motortruck — a truck driven by a motor

11 letter words ending with uck

  • heartstruck — Driven to the heart; infixed in the mind.
  • lightstruck — (of beer) Spoiled by exposure to light, which causes riboflavin to react with and break down the isohumulones.
  • muck-a-muck — Slang. high-muck-a-muck.
  • sand-struck — (of bricks) made with a mold lined with sand to permit freeing.
  • stagestruck — obsessed with the desire to become an actor or actress.

12 letter words ending with uck

  • chuck-a-luck — a gambling game in which players bet on the way three dice, contained in an hourglass-shaped cage, will fall when the cage is pivoted
  • concertstück — a composition in concerto style but shorter than a full concerto
  • light-struck — (of a film or the like) damaged by accidental exposure to light.
  • stage-struck — obsessed with the desire to become an actor or actress.
  • wonderstruck — (of a person) experiencing a sudden feeling of awed delight or wonder.

13 letter words ending with uck

  • horror-struck — stricken with horror; horrified; aghast.
  • planet-struck — affected adversely by the supposed influence of a planet.
  • thunderstruck — overcome with consternation; confounded; astounded: He was thunderstruck by the news of his promotion.
  • wonder-struck — struck or affected with wonder.

16 letter words ending with uck

  • high-muck-a-muck — an important, influential, or high-ranking person, especially one who is pompous or conceited.

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