Words ending with uche

5 letter words ending with uche

  • ouche — (poetic) A brooch or clasp for fastening a piece of clothing together, especially when valuable or set with jewels.
  • ruche — a strip of pleated lace, net, muslin, or other material for trimming or finishing a dress, as at the collar or sleeves.

6 letter words ending with uche

  • bouche — the notch cut in the top corner of a shield to support a lance
  • couche — (of a shield) tilted
  • douche — a jet or current of water, sometimes with a dissolved medicating or cleansing agent, applied to a body part, organ, or cavity for medicinal or hygienic purposes.
  • gauche — lacking social grace, sensitivity, or acuteness; awkward; crude; tactless: Their exquisite manners always make me feel gauche.
  • louche — dubious; shady; disreputable.

7 letter words ending with uche

  • capuche — a large hood or cowl, esp that worn by Capuchin friars
  • ebauche — a rough sketch or initial version
  • penuche — Also, panocha. Northern, North Midland, and Western U.S. a fudgelike candy made of brown sugar, butter, and milk, usually with nuts.

8 letter words ending with uche

  • accouche — (transitive) To aid in an accouchement.
  • babouche — a Middle-Eastern, particularly Turkish, heelless slipper
  • barouche — a four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage, popular in the 19th century, having a retractable hood over the rear half, seats inside for two couples facing each other, and a driver's seat outside at the front
  • debouche — an outlet, as for troops to debouch through
  • farouche — fierce.

9 letter words ending with uche

  • cartouche — a carved or cast ornamental tablet or panel in the form of a scroll, sometimes having an inscription
  • gamahuche — to practise cunnilingus or fellatio on
  • mascouche — a town in S Quebec, in E Canada.

11 letter words ending with uche

  • escarmouche — a skirmish
  • scaramouche — a stock character in commedia dell'arte and farce who is a cowardly braggart, easily beaten and frightened.

12 letter words ending with uche

13 letter words ending with uche

  • croquembouche — a French dessert consisting of a cone-shaped mound of small cream puffs glazed with caramelized sugar

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