Words ending with to

2 letter words ending with to

  • to — (used for expressing motion or direction toward a point, person, place, or thing approached and reached, as opposed to from): They came to the house.
  • about to — on the point of; intending to
  • accessible to — likely to be affected by; open to; susceptible to
  • according to — If someone says that something is true according to a particular person, book, or other source of information, they are indicating where they got their information.
  • accustomed to — customary; usual; habitual: in their accustomed manner.

3 letter words ending with to

  • ato — Australian Tax Office
  • cto — cancelled to order (of postage stamps); postmarked in sheets for private sale
  • ito — Prince Hirobumi [hee-raw-boo-mee] /ˈhi rɔˈbu mi/ (Show IPA), 1841–1909, Japanese statesman.
  • nto — National Training Organization
  • oto — a member of a Siouan-speaking tribe of North American Indians who formerly inhabited the lower Missouri River basin and now live in Oklahoma.

4 letter words ending with to

  • acto — a short, realistic play, usually in Spanish, that dramatizes the social and economic problems of Chicanos.
  • alto — An alto is a woman who has a low singing voice.
  • auto — an automobile
  • bito — a small tree found growing in Africa and Asia
  • boto — a freshwater South American dolphin, Inia geoffrensis, having a long snout and fluctuating in color between pink and gray: inhabits the Amazon and Orinoco river systems.

5 letter words ending with to

  • aalto — Alvar (ˈalvar). 1898–1976, Finnish architect and furniture designer, noted particularly for his public and industrial buildings, in which wood is much used. He invented bent plywood furniture (1932)
  • alito — Samuel (Anthony, Jr.)1950- ; U.S. jurist: associate justice, Supreme Court (2006- )
  • amato — Pasquale [puh-skwah-lee,, -ley;; Italian pahs-kwah-le] /pəˈskwɑ li,, -leɪ;; Italian pɑsˈkwɑ lɛ/ (Show IPA), 1879–1942, Italian operatic baritone.
  • aneto — Pico de (ˈpiˌkoʊ deɪ ) ; pēˈkō dāˌ) highest mountain in the Pyrenees, in Spain: 11,168 ft (3,404 m)
  • basto — the ace of clubs in certain card games, esp quadrille and ombre

6 letter words ending with to

  • alecto — one of the three Furies; the others are Megaera and Tisiphone
  • ambato — city in central Ecuador: pop. 124,000
  • anatto — annatto
  • aristo — an aristocrat
  • awhato — the mummified body of a caterpillar killed by the fungus Cordyceps robertsii, sometimes used as a dye

7 letter words ending with to

  • agitato — (to be performed) in an agitated manner
  • akihito — born 1933, Emperor of Japan from 1989
  • animato — (to be performed) in a lively manner
  • annatto — a small tropical American tree, Bixa orellana, having red or pinkish flowers and pulpy seeds that yield a dye: family Bixaceae
  • appalto — a monopoly or contract

8 letter words ending with to

  • affogato — a drink prepared by pouring espresso coffee over a scoop of ice cream
  • amaretto — an Italian liqueur with a flavour of almonds
  • amoretto — (esp in painting) a small chubby naked boy representing a cupid
  • archetto — a tool, consisting of a bow strung with wire, for trimming excess material from a piece being modeled.
  • assiento — a slave trade treaty between other countries and Spain which allowed other countries to supply slaves to Spanish dependencies or colonies

9 letter words ending with to

  • aerophoto — aerial photograph.
  • agrigento — a town in Italy, in SW Sicily: site of six Greek temples. Pop: 54 619 (2001)
  • andamento — an extended fugue subject.
  • antipasto — Antipasto is the sort of food that is often served at the beginning of an Italian meal, for example cold meats and vegetables in olive oil.
  • benevento — a city in S Italy, in N Campania: at various times under Samnite, Roman, Lombard, Saracen, Norman, and papal rule. Pop: 61 791 (2001)

10 letter words ending with to

  • allegretto — (to be performed) fairly quickly or briskly
  • arricciato — arriccio.
  • as-told-to — (of a biographical account) written by a professional author using information from personal conversations with the subject.
  • astrophoto — (astronomy, photography) An image of one or more celestial objects made using techniques of astrophotography.
  • backend-to — in a reversed position; backward.

11 letter words ending with to

  • aversion-to — a strong feeling of dislike, opposition, repugnance, or antipathy (usually followed by to): a strong aversion to snakes and spiders.
  • backside-to — backend-to.
  • beneplacito — an indication of approval
  • cinquecento — the 16th century, esp in reference to Italian art, architecture, or literature
  • husk-tomato — ground-cherry

12 letter words ending with to

  • antimosquito — acting against mosquitoes
  • appassionato — (to be performed) in an impassioned manner
  • ayuntamiento — (in Spain) a municipal council
  • barquisimeto — a city in NW Venezuela. Pop: 1 009 000 (2005 est)
  • contrapposto — (in the visual arts) a curving or asymmetrical arrangement of the human figure with the shoulders, hips, and legs in different planes

13 letter words ending with to

14 letter words ending with to

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