Words ending with thic

5 letter words ending with thic

  • ethic — A set of moral principles, especially ones relating to or affirming a specified group, field, or form of conduct.
  • hacker ethic — (philosophy)   1. The belief that information-sharing is a powerful positive good, and that it is an ethical duty of hackers to share their expertise by writing free software and facilitating access to information and to computing resources wherever possible. 2. The belief that system-cracking for fun and exploration is ethically OK as long as the cracker commits no theft, vandalism, or breach of confidentiality. Both of these normative ethical principles are widely, but by no means universally, accepted among hackers. Most hackers subscribe to the hacker ethic in sense 1, and many act on it by writing and giving away free software. A few go further and assert that *all* information should be free and *any* proprietary control of it is bad; this is the philosophy behind the GNU project. Sense 2 is more controversial: some people consider the act of cracking itself to be unethical, like breaking and entering. But the belief that "ethical" cracking excludes destruction at least moderates the behaviour of people who see themselves as "benign" crackers (see also samurai). On this view, it may be one of the highest forms of hackerly courtesy to (a) break into a system, and then (b) explain to the sysop, preferably by e-mail from a superuser account, exactly how it was done and how the hole can be plugged - acting as an unpaid (and unsolicited) tiger team. The most reliable manifestation of either version of the hacker ethic is that almost all hackers are actively willing to share technical tricks, software, and (where possible) computing resources with other hackers. Huge cooperative networks such as Usenet, FidoNet and Internet (see Internet address) can function without central control because of this trait; they both rely on and reinforce a sense of community that may be hackerdom's most valuable intangible asset.
  • protestant ethic — work ethic.
  • protestant work ethic — work ethic.
  • puritan ethic — work ethic.

6 letter words ending with thic

  • gathic — an ancient Iranian language of the Indo-European family; the language in which the Gathas were written. Compare Avestan.
  • gothic — (usually initial capital letter) noting or pertaining to a style of architecture, originating in France in the middle of the 12th century and existing in the western half of Europe through the middle of the 16th century, characterized by the use of the pointed arch and the ribbed vault, by the use of fine woodwork and stonework, by a progressive lightening of structure, and by the use of such features as flying buttresses, ornamental gables, crockets, and foils.
  • lithic — pertaining to or consisting of stone.
  • mythic — pertaining to, of the nature of, or involving a myth.
  • pathic — a catamite

7 letter words ending with thic

  • -lithic — (in anthropology) relating to the use of stone implements in a specified cultural period
  • -pathic — feeling or suffering in a (specified) way or because of a (specified) condition
  • alethic — of or relating to such philosophical concepts as truth, necessity, possibility, contingency, etc
  • benthic — of or relating to a benthos.
  • erethic — (pathology) Being abnormally excited.

8 letter words ending with thic

  • empathic — Showing or expressing empathy.
  • eolithic — denoting, relating to, or characteristic of the early part of the Stone Age, characterized by the use of crude stone tools
  • ornithic — of or relating to birds.

9 letter words ending with thic

  • acoluthic — following, subsequent; specifically, relating to an afterimage
  • ailanthic — of or relating to the ailanthus tree
  • bismuthic — of or containing bismuth in the pentavalent state
  • epilithic — (of plants) growing on the surface of rock
  • isobathic — having the same depth.

10 letter words ending with thic

  • allopathic — of, relating to, or used in allopathy
  • antilithic — preventing the formation or development of calculi, as of the urinary tract
  • antipathic — characterized by antipathy
  • cytopathic — of or relating to cytopathy
  • endolithic — Within rock.

11 letter words ending with thic

  • aeneolithic — Chalcolithic.
  • amphipathic — of or relating to a molecule that possesses both hydrophobic and hydrophilic elements, such as are found in detergents, or phospholipids of biological membranes
  • anacoluthic — Of, pertaining to, being, or resembling an anacoluthon.
  • batholithic — Containing or relating to batholith.
  • cystolithic — a mass of calcium carbonate on the cellulose wall.

12 letter words ending with thic

  • allelopathic — relating to or characterized by allelopathy
  • arthropathic — disease of the joints.
  • chalcolithic — of or relating to a period characterized by the use of both stone and bronze implements
  • coelacanthic — of or relating to the coelacanth
  • homoeopathic — Alternative spelling of homeopathic.

13 letter words ending with thic

14 letter words ending with thic

15 letter words ending with thic

16 letter words ending with thic

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