Words ending with tar

3 letter words ending with tar

  • tar — a sailor.
  • black tar — black heroin.
  • coal tar — Coal tar is a thick black liquid made from coal which is used for making drugs and chemical products.
  • jack tar — a sailor.
  • jackie tar — jackatar.

4 letter words ending with tar

  • atar — attar (def 1).
  • itar — International Traffic in Arms Regulation
  • star — any of the heavenly bodies, except the moon, appearing as fixed luminous points in the sky at night.
  • a star — a blue to white star, as Altair, Sirius, or Vega, having a surface temperature between 7500 and 10,000 K and an absorption spectrum dominated by Balmer-series lines of hydrogen.
  • ap star — a peculiar A star whose emission spectrum is characterized by abnormally strong lines of certain ionized metals.

5 letter words ending with tar

  • altar — An altar is a holy table in a church or temple.
  • attar — an essential oil from flowers, esp the damask rose, used pure or as a base for perfume
  • iftar — (sometimes initial capital letter) the meal that Muslims eat after sunset during Ramadan to break the day’s fast.
  • istar — (programming, tool)   An experimental IPSE from Imperial Software Technology.
  • katar — an independent emirate on the Persian Gulf; under British protection until 1971. 8500 sq. mi. (22,000 sq. km). Capital: Doha.

6 letter words ending with tar

  • avatar — An avatar is an image that represents you on the screen in an online game or chatroom
  • bestar — to decorate with stars
  • cantar — a poem consisting of four-line stanzas, each line having eight syllables.
  • clitar — (uncommon, humorous, slang) The clitoris. only used in play the clitar.
  • costar — An actor's costars are the other actors who also have one of the main parts in a particular movie.

7 letter words ending with tar

  • co-star — An actor's or actress's co-stars are the other actors or actresses who also have one of the main parts in a particular film.
  • daystar — morning star
  • dogstar — Alternative form of Dog Star.
  • jacktar — (British) Nickname for a sailor in the Royal Navy.
  • low-tar — (of cigarettes or tobacco) containing less tar than usual or standard.

8 letter words ending with tar

  • all-star — An all-star cast, performance, or game is one which contains only famous or extremely good performers or players.
  • averstar — (company)   The US software engineering company that developed Hal, under their former name, "Intermetrics". Other products include CS-4, Red, Mwave Developers Toolkit (multimedia for IBM PC), cross-compilers for C and C++; Ada '83, Ada 95, and SAMeDL. AverStar also supply client/server systems; custom software applications and turnkey systems; independent verification and validation; CAE integration technology; languages and compilers: Ada, C, C++, HDLs (MHDL), Modula, SPL/1. Address: Intermetrics, Inc., 733 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA. Telephone: +1 (617) 661 1840. Fax: +1 (617) 868 2843. Address: 7918 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, Va 22102, USA. Telephone: +1 (703) 827-2606. Fax: +1 (703) 827-5560. Also Houston, TX, Huntington Beach, CA, Warminster, PA, and others.
  • eurostar — a high speed train that connects London and Kent in the UK with Paris and Lille in France and Brussels in Belgium by crossing the English Channel through the Channel Tunnel
  • filmstar — Alternative spelling of film star.
  • jack-tar — a sailor.

9 letter words ending with tar

  • earthstar — a fungus of the genus Geaster, having an outer covering that splits into the form of a star.
  • five-star — having five stars to indicate rank or quality: a five-star general; a five-star brandy.
  • four-star — of or being a full general or admiral, as indicated by four stars on an insignia.
  • gibraltar — a British crown colony comprising a fortress and seaport located on a narrow promontory near the S tip of Spain. 1.875 sq. mi. (5 sq. km).
  • pole-star — Polaris.

10 letter words ending with tar

  • almucantar — a circle on the celestial sphere parallel to the horizontal plane
  • superaltar — a consecrated portable stone slab for use on an unconsecrated altar
  • three-star — of or being a lieutenant general, as indicated by three stars on an insignia.

11 letter words ending with tar

  • basket-star — any of several echinoderms of the genus Gorgonocephalus, in which long slender arms radiate from a central disc: order Ophiuroidea (brittle-stars)
  • morningstar — Alternative spelling of morning star.
  • testamentar — testamentary

12 letter words ending with tar

  • brittle-star — any echinoderm of the class Ophiuroidea, occurring on the sea bottom and having five long slender arms radiating from a small central disc

13 letter words ending with tar

  • switched-star — denoting or relating to a cable television system in which only one or two programme channels are fed to each subscriber, who can select other channels by remote control of a central switching point

15 letter words ending with tar

16 letter words ending with tar

  • brick-and-mortar — pertaining to conventional stores, businesses, etc., having physical buildings and facilities, as opposed to Internet or remote services.

17 letter words ending with tar

  • clicks-and-mortar — pertaining to or denoting a company that does business on the Internet and in traditional stores or offices.

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