Words ending with tag

3 letter words ending with tag

  • tag — a children's game in which one player chases the others in an effort to touch one of them, who then takes the role of pursuer.
  • chinese tag — a variety of the game of tag in which the tagged player must hold one hand on the part of the body where he or she was tagged.
  • dog tag — a small disk or strip attached to a dog's harness or collar stating owner, home, etc.
  • ear tag — an identification tag fastened to the ear of an animal.
  • empty element tag — tag

4 letter words ending with tag

  • jtag — Joint Test Action Group
  • stag — an adult male deer.
  • cerynean stag — a stag living in Arcadia, captured by Hercules as one of his labors.
  • go stag — to go as a stag (sense 3) stag (sense 3a)

5 letter words ending with tag

6 letter words ending with tag

  • emotag — A mock HTML tag incorporated into writing to express a state of mind.
  • geotag — a piece of data embedded in a digital media file to indicate geographical information about the subject, usually latitude and longitude.
  • mistag — (transitive) To tag incorrectly; to mislabel.
  • muztag — a mountain in W China, in the Kunlun Range. 23,891 feet (7287 meters).
  • oaktag — tagboard.

7 letter words ending with tag

  • bashtag — (on the Twitter website) a hashtag that is used for critical and abusive comments
  • dibatag — a small gazelle, Ammodorcas clarkei, of Somaliland, having a long neck: now rare.
  • freytag — Gustav [goo s-tahf] /ˈgʊs tɑf/ (Show IPA), 1816–95, German novelist, playwright, and journalist.
  • hangtag — a tag attached to a garment or other piece of merchandise that includes information about the manufacturer or designer, the fabric or material used, the model number, care instructions, and sometimes the price.
  • hashtag — (on social media websites) a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it: The hashtag #sandiegofire was used to help coordinate an emergency response to the fire.

9 letter words ending with tag

  • bundestag — (in Germany and formerly in West Germany) the legislative assembly, which is elected by universal adult suffrage and elects the federal chancellor
  • price-tag — a label or tag that shows the price of the item to which it is attached.
  • reichstag — the lower house of the parliament during the period of the Second Reich and the Weimar Republic.

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