Words ending with tad

3 letter words ending with tad

  • tad — a male given name, form of Thaddeus or Theodore.
  • a tad — You can use a tad in expressions such as a tad big or a tad small when you mean that it is slightly too big or slightly too small.

5 letter words ending with tad

  • ectad — outward.
  • octad — a group or series of eight.

6 letter words ending with tad

  • distad — toward or at the distal end or part.
  • heptad — the number seven.
  • pentad — a period of five years.
  • unctad — United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

7 letter words ending with tad

  • frontad — toward the front.
  • harstad — a seaport in W Norway: herring fishing.
  • norstad — Lauris [lawr-is,, lohr-] /ˈlɔr ɪs,, ˈloʊr-/ (Show IPA), 1907–1988, U.S. Air Force general: Supreme Allied Commander of NATO 1956–63.

8 letter words ending with tad

  • flagstad — Kirsten Marie [kur-stuh n muh-ree;; Norwegian khish-tuh n mah-ree-uh,, khir-stuh n] /ˈkɜr stən məˈri;; Norwegian ˈxɪʃ tən mɑˈri ə,, ˈxɪr stən/ (Show IPA), 1895–1962, Norwegian operatic soprano.
  • halmstad — a seaport in SW Sweden.
  • kaapstad — Afrikaans name of Cape Town.
  • karlstad — a city in S Sweden.
  • zaanstad — a port in the W Netherlands, in North Holland: formed (1974) from Zaandam, Koog a/d Zaan, Zaandijk, Wormerveer, Krommenie, Westzaan, and Assendelft; food and machinery industries. Pop: 139 000 (2003 est)

10 letter words ending with tad

  • willemstad — the main island of the Netherlands Antilles, off the NW coast of Venezuela. 173 sq. mi. (448 sq. km). Capital: Willemstad.

11 letter words ending with tad

  • fredrikstad — a port in SE Norway at the entrance to Oslo Fjord. Pop: 69 867 (2004 est)

12 letter words ending with tad

  • kristianstad — a town in S Sweden: founded in 1614 as a Danish fortress, it was finally acquired by Sweden in 1678. Pop: 75 590 (2004 est)

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