10-letter words that end in t

  • ball joint — a mechanical ball-and-socket joint, esp. one used in the steering linkage of certain automotive vehicles to connect the tie rod to either of the wheels that turn
  • balloonist — A balloonist is a person who flies a hot-air balloon.
  • bananaquit — A small songbird with a curved bill, typically with a white stripe over the eye, a sooty gray back, and yellow underparts. It is common in the West Indies and Central and South America.
  • banishment — Banishment is the act of banishing someone or the state of being banished.
  • bank draft — A bank draft is a cheque which you can buy from a bank in order to pay someone who is not willing to accept a personal cheque.
  • bank night — Informal. (especially in the 1930s) an evening when prizes are awarded to members of the audience at a motion-picture theater.
  • bank vault — a strongroom in a bank for the storage of valuable items
  • bar magnet — a bar-shaped, usually permanent, magnet.
  • barneveldt — ˈJan van Olden (ˌjɑnˈvɑn ɔldən ) ; yänˌvän ôlˈdən) 1547-1619; Du. statesman & patriot
  • barrenwort — a herbaceous European berberidaceous plant, Epimedium alpinum, having red-and-yellow star-shaped flowers
  • barrow pit — a roadside borrow pit dug for drainage purposes.
  • basic salt — a salt formed by the partial neutralization of a base.
  • bassoonist — A bassoonist is someone who plays the bassoon.
  • bath sheet — a large bath towel
  • batologist — someone who practises batology
  • batteilant — fighting; combatant
  • battlement — a parapet or wall with indentations or embrasures, originally for shooting through
  • battlesuit — (science fiction) A technologically enhanced suit worn in battle for protection, camouflage, etc.
  • bay street — the financial centre of Toronto, in which Canada's largest stock exchange is situated
  • be-thought — simple past tense and past participle of bethink.
  • beachfront — A beachfront house, café, shop, or hotel is situated on or by a beach.
  • bead plant — a creeping plant, Nertera granadensis, of New Zealand and South America, having leathery leaves and orange-colored, transparent berries.
  • bean feast — (formerly) an annual dinner or party given by an employer for employees.
  • bean-feast — (formerly) an annual dinner or party given by an employer for employees.
  • bear fruit — plant: produce fruit
  • beat about — to hunt or look through or around
  • beat to it — do sth before sb else
  • bed jacket — a woman's short upper garment worn over a nightgown when sitting up in bed
  • beech mast — the edible nuts of the beech, especially when lying on the ground.
  • bel esprit — a witty or clever person
  • bel-esprit — a person of great wit or intellect.
  • belletrist — a writer of belles-lettres
  • belly girt — girth (def 2).
  • belly-bust — belly-flop.
  • bemusement — Bemusement is the feeling that you have when you are puzzled or confused by something.
  • bench seat — a seat for more than one person
  • bench test — the critical evaluation of a new or repaired component, device, apparatus, etc, prior to installation to ensure that it is in perfect condition
  • beneficent — A beneficent person or thing helps people or results in something good.
  • benevolent — If you describe a person in authority as benevolent, you mean that they are kind and fair.
  • benumbment — the act of benumbing
  • berryfruit — any edible berry such as a raspberry, boysenberry, blackcurrant, or strawberry
  • bestowment — to present as a gift; give; confer (usually followed by on or upon): The trophy was bestowed upon the winner.
  • bestraught — distraught; distracted
  • beta sheet — a secondary structure occurring in many proteins, consisting of several polypeptide chains running in parallel or alternating directions and joined by intermolecular hydrogen bonds, creating a flexible, strong arrangement.
  • betancourt — Rómulo [rom-yuh-loh;; Spanish raw-moo-law] /ˈrɒm yəˌloʊ;; Spanish ˈrɔ muˌlɔ/ (Show IPA), 1908–81, Venezuelan journalist and political leader: president of Venezuela 1945–48 and 1959–64.
  • betterment — The betterment of something is the act or process of improving its standard or status.
  • bettermost — best
  • bible belt — Parts of the southern United States are referred to as the Bible Belt because Protestants with strong beliefs have a lot of influence there.
  • bibliotist — a person who engages in bibliotics
  • big ticket — costing a great deal; expensive: fur coats and other big-ticket items.
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