Words ending with sta

3 letter words ending with sta

  • sta — Saint (female)

4 letter words ending with sta

  • csta — Computer Science Teachers Association
  • osta — Optical Storage Technology Association
  • ssta — Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association
  • vsta — (operating system)   Valencia Simple Tasker.

5 letter words ending with sta

  • -ista — indicating a supporter or follower of someone or something
  • aosta — a town in NW Italy, capital of Valle d'Aosta region: Roman remains. Pop: 34 062 (2001)
  • basta — enough! stop!
  • cesta — (in jai alai) the long basket used to throw and catch the ball
  • costa — a riblike part, such as the midrib of a plant leaf

6 letter words ending with sta

  • arista — a stiff bristle such as the awn of some grasses and cereals
  • avesta — a collection of sacred writings of Zoroastrianism, including the Songs of Zoroaster
  • crista — a structure resembling a ridge or crest, such as that formed by folding of the inner membrane of a mitochondrion
  • crusta — a hard outer layer, esp in anatomy or pathology
  • cuesta — a long low ridge with a steep scarp slope and a gentle back slope, formed by the differential erosion of strata of differing hardness

7 letter words ending with sta

  • augusta — a city in the US, in Georgia. Pop: 193 316 (2003 est) (including Richmond)
  • barista — a person who makes and serves coffee in a coffee bar
  • batista — Fulgencio (fulˈxenθjo), full name Batista y Zaldívar. 1901–73, Cuban military leader and dictator: president of Cuba (1940–44, 1952–59); overthrown by Fidel Castro
  • canasta — a card game for two to six players who seek to amass points by declaring sets of cards
  • catasta — the platform on which slaves were formerly presented to be sold at markets

8 letter words ending with sta

  • ballista — an ancient catapult for hurling stones, etc
  • baptista — a female given name.
  • barrista — Misspelling of barista.
  • fascista — a member of the Fascist movement in Italy.
  • langosta — spiny lobster.

9 letter words ending with sta

  • antipasta — Misspelling of antipasto.
  • autopista — a Spanish motorway
  • copypasta — (Internet slang) A block of text which has been copied and pasted from somewhere else.
  • famagusta — a seaport on the E coast of Cyprus, on an inlet of the Mediterranean: castle; large cathedral (now a mosque).
  • fidelista — Fidelist.

10 letter words ending with sta

  • camorrista — a member of a camorra
  • frugalista — (informal) A person (especially a woman) who is fashionable while being thrifty.
  • sacahuista — a North American flowering grass
  • sandinista — a member of the Nicaraguan revolutionary movement that took control of Nicaragua in 1979.

11 letter words ending with sta

  • antofagasta — a port in N Chile. Pop: 323 000 (2005 est)
  • atelierista — Studio teacher.
  • creepypasta — (Internet slang) Frightening urban legends and short stories circulated on the Internet.
  • fashionista — a very fashionable person, especially one who works in the fashion industry.
  • zend-avesta — the Avesta together with the Zend.

12 letter words ending with sta

  • guardianista — a reader of the Guardian newspaper, seen as being typically left-wing, liberal, and politically correct
  • latifundista — the owner of a latifundio in Latin America or Spain.

13 letter words ending with sta

  • recessionista — a person whose clothes, whether cheap, second-hand, or suitably subdued, are considered appropriate to an economic downturn

15 letter words ending with sta

  • independentista — (especially in Latin America) a person who supports or works toward political independence, especially one supporting radical changes in an existing government or from an existing system of government.

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