Words ending with son

3 letter words ending with son

  • son — a male child or person in relation to his parents.
  • bastard son — an illegitimate son
  • favorite son — (at a national political convention) a candidate nominated for office by delegates from his or her own state.
  • foster son — a boy raised like one's own son, though not such by birth or adoption.
  • grandfather, father, son — (operating system)   (GFS) A backup rotation scheme in which a "grandfather" backup is performed on the first Monday of each month, a "father" backup is performed on every other Monday and a "son" backup is performed on every other day of the week. Grandfather tapes are kept for a year, father tapes for a month and son tapes for a week. The exact schedule (and thus the number of tapes required) may vary, as may the choice of full backup or incremental backup, but the idea is that it should be possible to restore versions of any file of different ages: e.g. yesterday's, last week's or last year's version.

4 letter words ending with son

  • json — JavaScript Object Notation

5 letter words ending with son

  • anson — a male given name.
  • arson — Arson is the crime of deliberately setting fire to a building or vehicle.
  • bason — a basin.
  • bison — A bison is a large hairy animal with a large head that is a member of the cattle family. They used to be very common in North America and Europe.
  • boson — any of a group of elementary particles, such as a photon or pion, that has zero or integral spin and obeys the rules of Bose-Einstein statistics

6 letter words ending with son

  • alison — a feminine name
  • alyson — a female given name, form of Alice.
  • babsonRoger Ward, 1875–1967, U.S. statistician and businessman.
  • bauson — a badger (applied contemptuously to people).
  • benson — E(dward) F(rederic). 1867–1940, British writer, noted esp for a series of comic novels featuring the characters Mapp and Lucia

7 letter words ending with son

  • -person — -person is added to numbers to form adjectives which indicate how many people are involved in something or can use something. People is not used in this way.
  • abelson — Philip. 1913–2004, US physical chemist. He created (with Edwin McMillan) the first transuranic element, neptunium (1940)
  • acheson — Dean (Gooderham). 1893–1971, US lawyer and statesman: secretary of state (1949–53) under President Truman
  • addison — Joseph. 1672–1719, English essayist and poet who, with Richard Steele, founded The Spectator (1711–14) and contributed most of its essays, including the de Coverley Papers
  • allisonDonald ("Donnie") born 1939, and his brother, Robert, (Bobby), born 1937, U.S. racing-car drivers.

8 letter words ending with son

  • adperson — a copywriter, account executive, or other person employed in advertising.
  • advowson — the right of presentation to a vacant benefice
  • anderson — a river in N Canada, in the Northwest Territories, rising in lakes north of Great Bear Lake and flowing west and north to the Beaufort Sea. Length: about 580 km (360 miles)
  • atchison — a city in NE Kansas, on the Missouri River.
  • atkinson — Sir Harry Albert. 1831–92, New Zealand statesman, born in England: prime minister of New Zealand (1876–77; 1883–84; 1887–91)

9 letter words ending with son

  • antimeson — The antiparticle corresponding to a meson.
  • arnoldson — Klas Pontus [klahs pawn-tuh s] /klɑs ˈpɔn təs/ (Show IPA), 1844–1916, Swedish author and politician: Nobel Peace Prize 1908.
  • barperson — a person who serves in a pub: used esp in advertisements
  • caparison — a decorated covering for a horse or other animal, esp (formerly) for a warhorse
  • cowperson — (politically correct, rare) a cowhand of any gender.

10 letter words ending with son

  • anti-mason — a member of the Anti-Masonic party or a supporter of its principles.
  • asgeirsson — Asgeir [ahs-gair] /ˈɑs gɛər/ (Show IPA), 1894–1972, Icelandic statesman: president 1952–68.
  • baseperson — (baseball, softball) A fielder (of either gender) positioned near a base.
  • bellperson — a bellhop.
  • comparison — When you make a comparison, you consider two or more things and discover the differences between them.

11 letter words ending with son

  • alderperson — a member of a municipal legislative body, especially of a municipal council.
  • chairperson — The chairperson of a meeting, committee, or organization is the person in charge of it.
  • disgarrison — To deprive of a garrison.
  • disimprison — to release from imprisonment.
  • earthperson — a human inhabitant or native of the planet Earth.

12 letter words ending with son

  • alexandersonErnst F. W [urnst] /ɜrnst/ (Show IPA), 1878–1975, U.S. engineer and inventor.
  • anchorperson — the primary reporter on a news television broadcast
  • cameraperson — a camera operator
  • cattleperson — Someone who works with, or rears cattle.
  • churchperson — A person involved with the church; a churchgoer or cleric.

13 letter words ending with son

  • cochairperson — a person who cochairs an organization
  • councilperson — a member of a city or local legislative council.
  • counterperson — a person who waits on customers from behind a counter, as in a cafeteria.
  • counterpoison — A poison used against another poison, serving as an antidote.
  • countryperson — Someone who is from a countryside background.

14 letter words ending with son

  • assemblyperson — a member of a legislative assembly, especially a member of the lower house of the legislature in certain states of the U.S.
  • businessperson — Businesspeople are people who work in business.
  • co-chairperson — one of two or more joint chairpersons.
  • congressperson — A Congressperson is a member of the US Congress, especially of the House of Representatives.
  • draughtsperson — Alternative spelling of draftsperson.

15 letter words ending with son

16 letter words ending with son

  • forbes-robertsonSir Johnston, 1853–1937, English actor and theatrical manager.
  • inter-comparison — the act of comparing.
  • person-to-person — (of a long-distance telephone call) chargeable only upon speaking with a specified person at the number called: a person-to-person call to her brother in California. Compare station-to-station.

20 letter words ending with son

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