Words ending with sh

2 letter words ending with sh

  • sh — used to request silence

3 letter words ending with sh

  • ash — Ash is the grey or black powdery substance that is left after something is burnt. You can also refer to this substance as ashes.
  • fsh — follicle-stimulating hormone
  • hsh — His (or Her) Serene Highness
  • ish — Eye dialect of is.
  • osh — a city in SW Kirghizia, SW of Bishkek.

4 letter words ending with sh

  • bash — A bash is a party or celebration, especially a large one held by an official organization or attended by famous people.
  • bish — a mistake
  • bosh — empty or meaningless talk or opinions; nonsense
  • bush — A bush is a large plant which is smaller than a tree and has a lot of branches.
  • cash — Cash is money in the form of notes and coins rather than cheques.

5 letter words ending with sh

  • abash — to cause to feel ill at ease, embarrassed, or confused; make ashamed
  • amish — The Amish are members of a Protestant sect whose rural way of life is simple and strict.
  • apish — stupid; foolish
  • awash — If the ground or a floor is awash, it is covered in water, often because of heavy rain or as the result of an accident.
  • blush — When you blush, your face becomes redder than usual because you are ashamed or embarrassed.

6 letter words ending with sh

  • ablush — (of a person) blushing
  • abrash — any variation or change, typically striation, in the different dyes of an Oriental rug as it ages.
  • achish — the king of the Philistine city of Gath, who twice gave refuge to David. I Sam. 21:10–15.
  • aflush — (archaic, or, poetic) flushed, blushing.
  • afresh — If you do something afresh, you do it again in a different way.

7 letter words ending with sh

  • abolish — If someone in authority abolishes a system or practice, they formally put an end to it.
  • airwash — to cool (a roof or the like) with a current of air.
  • anguish — Anguish is great mental suffering or physical pain.
  • arapesh — a member of a Papuan people of Papua New Guinea.
  • babyish — Babyish actions, feelings, or looks are like a baby's, or are immature.

8 letter words ending with sh

  • actorish — of, relating to, or characteristic of an actor
  • admonish — If you admonish someone, you tell them very seriously that they have done something wrong.
  • airbrush — An airbrush is an artist's tool which sprays paint onto a surface.
  • astonish — If something or someone astonishes you, they surprise you very much.
  • backlash — A backlash against a tendency or recent development in society or politics, is a sudden, strong reaction against it.

9 letter words ending with sh

  • amberfish — amberjack.
  • angelfish — any of various small tropical marine percoid fishes of the genus Pomacanthus and related genera, which have a deep flattened brightly coloured body and brushlike teeth: family Chaetodontidae
  • backflash — a flashback: Backflashes of the heroine's childhood fill in gaps in the novel's narrative.
  • backslash — a slash which slopes to the left \
  • baksheesh — money given as a tip, a present, or alms

10 letter words ending with sh

  • accomplish — If you accomplish something, you succeed in doing it.
  • amateurish — If you describe something as amateurish, you think that it is not skilfully made or done.
  • anglerfish — a bony fish with a growth on its head which can be wiggled to attract prey
  • ant-thrush — any of several antbirds, especially of the genus Formicarius.
  • archerfish — any freshwater percoid fish of the family Toxotidae of S and SE Asia and Australia, esp Toxotes jaculatrix, that catch insects by spitting water at them

11 letter words ending with sh

  • anglo-irish — the English language as spoken in Ireland
  • balloonfish — a porcupinefish, Diodon holacanthus, inhabiting tropical and subtropical waters.
  • beauty-bush — a Chinese shrub, Kolkwitzia amabilis, of the honeysuckle family, having showy, pinkish flowers and grown as an ornamental.
  • bitterbrush — a flowering plant of the genus Purshia, native to North America
  • bottlebrush — a cylindrical brush on a thin shaft, used for cleaning bottles

12 letter words ending with sh

  • afro-british — of or relating to British people of African descent
  • anti-british — opposed to anything characteristic of or relating to Britain
  • apple-polish — to curry favor with someone, especially in an obsequious or flattering manner.
  • cardinalfish — any of the perchlike fishes of the family Apogonidae, many species of which are bright red with black markings.
  • climbingfish — climbing perch.

13 letter words ending with sh

  • alligatorfish — a slender marine fish, Aspidophoroides monopterygius, of Atlantic seas, having overlapping plates covering the body.
  • benjamin-bush — Also called spice-wood. a yellow-flowered, North American shrub, Lindera benzoin, of the laurel family, whose bark and leaves have a spicy odor.
  • bumblebeefish — any of several gobies of the genus Brachygobius, inhabiting waters of the Malay Archipelago and having brown and yellow bands on the body that resemble the markings of a bumblebee.
  • butterflyfish — any small tropical marine percoid fish of the genera Chaetodon, Chelmon, etc, that has a deep flattened brightly coloured or strikingly marked body and brushlike teeth: family Chaetodontidae
  • french-polish — to finish or treat (a piece of furniture) with French polish.

14 letter words ending with sh

  • jackknife-fish — a black and white, American drum, Equetus lanceolatus, found in tropical areas of the Atlantic Ocean, having an elongated dorsal fin that is held erect.
  • pseudo-english — of, relating to, or characteristic of England or its inhabitants, institutions, etc.

15 letter words ending with sh

  • borough-english — (until 1925) a custom in certain English boroughs whereby the youngest son inherited land to the exclusion of his older brothers
  • hiberno-english — Also called Anglo-Irish. the English language as spoken in Ireland.

16 letter words ending with sh

  • schoolteacherish — showing characteristics thought to be typical of a schoolteacher, as strictness and primness.

17 letter words ending with sh

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