Words ending with sex

3 letter words ending with sex

  • sex — either the male or female division of a species, especially as differentiated with reference to the reproductive functions.
  • bi sex — sex with both male and female partners
  • computer sex — (jargon)   Two computers interfaced with each other.
  • fair sex — women as a group (usually used facetiously): an insult to the fair sex.
  • gentle sex — women in general (usually used facetiously): courtesy toward the gentle sex.

5 letter words ending with sex

  • desex — to remove the sex organs of
  • essex — a county of SE England, on the North Sea and the Thames estuary; the geographical and ceremonial county includes Thurrock and Southend-on-Sea, which became independent unitary authorities in 1998. Administrative centre: Chelmsford. Pop (excluding unitary authorities): 1 324 100 (2003 est). Area (excluding unitary authorities): 3446 sq km (1310 sq miles)
  • unsex — to deprive of sexual power; render impotent or frigid; spay or castrate.
  • second earl of essex2nd Earl of, Devereux, Robert.

6 letter words ending with sex

  • sussex — a former county in SE England: divided into East Sussex and West Sussex.
  • unisex — of, designed, or suitable for both sexes; not distinguishing between male and female; undifferentiated as to sex: unisex clothes.
  • wessex — (in the Middle Ages) a kingdom, later an earldom, in S England. Capital: Winchester.
  • e. sussex — East Sussex
  • east sussex — a county in SE England. 693 sq. mi. (1795 sq. km).

7 letter words ending with sex

  • antisex — opposed to human sexual activity
  • chemsex — sexual activity performed while under the influence of psychoactive drugs
  • homosex — sexual activity between homosexuals
  • imposex — the acquisition of male characteristics by female organisms

8 letter words ending with sex

  • cybersex — Cybersex involves using the Internet for sexual purposes, especially by exchanging sexual messages with another person.
  • intersex — an individual having reproductive organs or external sexual characteristics of both male and female.
  • same-sex — of or relating to two or more persons of the same gender: same-sex friendships.
  • supersex — a sterile organism in which the ratio between the sex chromosomes is disturbed

9 letter words ending with sex

  • heterosex — heterosexuality.
  • middlesex — a former county in SE England, now part of Greater London.

10 letter words ending with sex

  • leathersex — The sexual practices associated with leathermen.
  • single-sex — designated for, pertaining to, or serving only males or only females: a single-sex college.

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