Words ending with ru

2 letter words ending with ru

  • ru — (networking)   The country code for the Russian Federation.

3 letter words ending with ru

  • bru — Brunei (international car registration)
  • cru — (in France) a vineyard, group of vineyards, or wine-producing region
  • gru — Glavnoe Razvedovatelnoe Upravlenie
  • iru — A West African condiment made from fermented locust beans.
  • lru — least recently used

4 letter words ending with ru

  • buru — island of Indonesia, in the Molucca group: 3,670 sq mi (9,505 sq km)
  • ecru — very light brown in color, as raw silk, unbleached linen, etc.
  • geru — An earthy-red color. In India this colour is used to paint flowerpots and tree bases.
  • guru — ("Guru") 1469–1539, Indian religious leader: founder of Sikhism.
  • iaru — International Amateur Radio Union

5 letter words ending with ru

  • ahuru — a small pink cod, Auchenoceros punctatus, of SW Pacific waters
  • aruru — the Akkadian goddess personifying earth, who assisted Marduk in the creation of human beings: the counterpart of the Sumerian Ki.
  • bauru — a city in E Brazil.
  • chiru — a Tibetan antelope, Pantholops hodgsoni, having a dense woolly pinkish-brown fleece prized as the source of shahtoosh wool: now close to extinction due to illegal slaughter for its fleece
  • couru — done or executed with a running step.

6 letter words ending with ru

  • grugru — any of several spiny-trunked, tropical feather palms, as Acrocomia totai, of tropical America, having a swollen trunk with rings of blackish spines.
  • habiru — a nomadic people mentioned in Assyro-Babylonian literature: possibly the early Hebrews.
  • jabiru — a large stork, Jabiru mycteria, of the warmer regions of the New World.
  • kereru — (NZ) The New Zealand pigeon (species Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae).
  • maseru — a monarchy in S Africa: formerly a British protectorate; gained independence 1966; member of the Commonwealth of Nations. 11,716 sq. mi. (30,344 sq. km). Capital: Maseru.

7 letter words ending with ru

  • bebeeru — a tropical South American evergreen tree (Nectandra rodioei) of the laurel family
  • candiru — a tiny parasitic freshwater catfish of the Amazon region
  • caruaru — a city in E Brazil, W of Recife.
  • sankuru — a river in S central Congo, flowing WNW to the Kasai River. 750 miles (1207 km) long.

8 letter words ending with ru

  • aramburu — Pedro Eugenio [pe-th raw e-oo-he-nyaw] /ˈpɛ ðrɔ ˌɛ uˈhɛ nyɔ/ (Show IPA), 1903–70, president of Argentina 1955–58.
  • walkthru — (US) alternative spelling of walkthrough.

9 letter words ending with ru

  • bangaluru — a city in and the capital of Karnataka, in SW India.
  • bengaluru — a state in S India. 70,051 sq. mi. (191,791 sq. km). Capital: Bengaluru.
  • mangaluru — a city and port in SW Karnataka state, in SW India.
  • pakanbaru — a city on central Sumatra, in W Indonesia.
  • shottsuru — a fish sauce used in Japanese cookery.

10 letter words ending with ru

  • drive-thru — a takeaway restaurant, bank, etc designed so that customers can use it without leaving their cars

14 letter words ending with ru

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