Words ending with rth

5 letter words ending with rth

  • airth — a direction.
  • barth — Heinrich. 1821–65, German explorer: author of Travels and Discoveries in North and Central Africa (1857–58)
  • berth — A berth is a bed on a boat, train, or caravan.
  • birth — When a baby is born, you refer to this event as his or her birth.
  • derth — (obsolete) dearth; scarcity.

6 letter words ending with rth

  • cforth — A Forth interpreter. Posted to comp.sources.unix volume 1.
  • dearth — If there is a dearth of something, there is not enough of it.
  • eforth — (language)   A system produced by Ting to help implementers produce Forths for different targets, using assemblers.
  • foorth — Eye dialect of fourth.
  • fourth — next after the third; being the ordinal number for four.

7 letter words ending with rth

  • 51forth — (language)   A subroutine-threaded Forth for the 8051 by Scott Gehmlich. It comes with source and documentation.
  • e-forth — (language)   A Forth interpreter written in Motorla 6809 assembly code by Lennart Benschop <[email protected]>. Posted to Usenet newsgroup alt.sources on 1993-11-03 with a Motorola 6809 assembler.
  • haworthSir Walter Norman, 1883–1950, English chemist: Nobel Prize 1937.
  • hogarthWilliam, 1697–1764, English painter and engraver.
  • inearth — (transitive, chiefly poetic) To put into the earth; inter.

8 letter words ending with rth

  • bedworth — a town in central England, in N Warwickshire. Pop: 30 001 (2001)
  • cudworth — Ralph. 1617–88, English philosopher and theologian. His works include True Intellectual System of the Universe (1678) and A Treatise concerning Eternal and Immutable Morality (1731)
  • hayworthRita (Margarita Carmen Cansino) 1918–87, U.S. dancer and actress.
  • hepworthDame Barbara, 1903–75, English sculptor.
  • misbirth — An abortion.

9 letter words ending with rth

  • coopworth — a New Zealand and Australian breed of sheep derived from the Romney Marsh
  • cornforth — Sir John Warcup. 1917–2014, Australian chemist, who shared the 1975 Nobel prize for chemistry with Vladimir Prelog for their work on stereochemistry
  • dankworth — Sir John (Philip William). 1927–2010, British jazz composer, bandleader, and saxophonist: married to Cleo Laine
  • edgeworthMaria, 1767–1849, English novelist.
  • ellsworth — Lincoln1880-1951; U.S. polar explorer

10 letter words ending with rth

  • afterbirth — the placenta and fetal membranes expelled from the uterus after the birth of the offspring
  • brickearth — a clayey alluvium suitable for the making of bricks: specifically, such a deposit in southern England, yielding a fertile soil
  • childbirth — Childbirth is the act of giving birth to a child.
  • coatsworthElizabeth, 1893–1986, U.S. writer, especially of children's books.
  • condylarth — any of the primitive ungulate mammals of the extinct order Condylarthra, from the Paleocene and Eocene epochs, having a slender body, low-crowned teeth, and five-toed feet, each toe ending in a small hoof.

11 letter words ending with rth

  • butterworth — George. 1885–1916, British composer, noted for his interest in folk song and his settings of Housman's poems
  • groatsworth — the amount that is, or may be, bought or sold for a groat
  • leavenworth — a city in NE Kansas.
  • littleworth — worthless; of little value
  • open-hearth — noting, pertaining to, or produced by the open-hearth process.

12 letter words ending with rth

  • counterearth — (in Pythagorean astronomy) a planet, out of sight from our part of the earth, whose shadow upon the sun and moon, cast by a central fire that is also out of sight, causes the eclipses.
  • fifty-fourth — next after the fifty-third; being the ordinal number for 54.
  • forty-fourth — next after the forty-third; being the ordinal number for 44.
  • sixty-fourth — next after the sixty-third; being the ordinal number for 64.
  • wigglesworthMichael, 1631–1705, U.S. theologian and author, born in England.

13 letter words ending with rth

14 letter words ending with rth

  • back-and-forth — backward and forward; side to side; to and fro: a back-and-forth shuttling of buses to the stadium; the back-and-forth movement of a clock's pendulum.
  • farthingsworth — the amount that can be bought with a farthing; a small amount
  • halfpennyworth — As much as could be bought for a halfpenny.
  • seventy-fourth — next after the seventy-third; being the ordinal number for 74.
  • shillingsworth — the amount that can be purchased for a shilling

15 letter words ending with rth

16 letter words ending with rth

  • man-of-the-earth — a morning glory, Ipomoea pandurata, of eastern North America, having white flowers and a very large, tuberous root.
  • watson-wentworth — Charles, 2nd Marquis of Rockingham [rok-ing-uh m] /ˈrɒk ɪŋ əm/ (Show IPA), 1730–82, British statesman: prime minister 1765–66, 1782.

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