Words ending with rmic

6 letter words ending with rmic

  • dermic — dermal
  • formic — of or relating to ants.
  • hormic — activity directed toward a goal; purposive effort.
  • karmic — Hinduism, Buddhism. action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation: in Hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman. Compare bhakti (def 1), jnana.
  • permic — a subfamily of Finnic, comprising the modern languages Udmurt and Komi, spoken in northeastern European Russia, and fragmentary attestations of an earlier language (Old Permic) dating from the 15th century.

7 letter words ending with rmic

  • dharmic — (of religion or beliefs) of Indian origin
  • ptarmic — a material that causes sneezing
  • spermic — spermatic.
  • thermic — thermal (def 1).

8 letter words ending with rmic

  • aspermic — (of a male animal) Unable to produce sperm.
  • endermic — (medicine) Acting through the skin, or by direct application to the skin.

9 letter words ending with rmic

  • epicormic — (of a shoot or branch) growing from a previously dormant bud on the trunk or a limb of a tree.
  • epidermic — Of or pertaining to the epidermis or to the skin or bark.
  • pyodermic — relating to a skin disease characterized by the production of pus

10 letter words ending with rmic

  • diathermic — of or relating to diathermy
  • exothermic — (of a reaction or process) Accompanied by the release of heat.
  • geothermic — of or relating to the internal heat of the earth.
  • hypodermic — characterized by the introduction of medicine or drugs under the skin: hypodermic injection.
  • isothermic — occurring at constant temperature.

11 letter words ending with rmic

12 letter words ending with rmic

  • alexipharmic — acting as an antidote
  • homeothermic — (biology, of an, animal) Capable of maintaining a relatively constant body temperature independent of the surrounding environment.
  • hyperthermic — Having a very high body temperature.
  • normothermic — (medicine) Having a normal body temperature.
  • photothermic — pertaining to the thermal effects of light.

13 letter words ending with rmic

  • heterothermic — Relating to, or exhibiting, heterothermy.
  • homoiothermic — (of birds and mammals) having a constant body temperature, usually higher than the temperature of the surroundings; warm-blooded

14 letter words ending with rmic

  • asthenospermic — (medicine) Characterised by or pertaining to asthenospermia, hence infertile.
  • poikilothermic — cold-blooded (def 1 .) (opposed to homoiothermal).

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