Words ending with rm

2 letter words ending with rm

  • rm — ream.

3 letter words ending with rm

  • arm — Your arms are the two long parts of your body that are attached to your shoulders and that have your hands at the end.
  • crm — customer relationship management
  • drm — 1. Digital Rights Management 2. Digital Radio Mondiale
  • erm — Electronic Report Management
  • hrm — Expressing a moment of particular curiosity or thoughtfulness.

4 letter words ending with rm

  • barm — the yeasty froth on fermenting malt liquors
  • berm — a narrow path or ledge at the edge of a slope, road, or canal
  • borm — to smear with paint, oil, etc
  • corm — an organ of vegetative reproduction in plants such as the crocus, consisting of a globular stem base swollen with food and surrounded by papery scale leaves
  • derm — a navigational device for making a nearby object conspicuous on a radarscope.

5 letter words ending with rm

  • -derm — indicating skin
  • -form — having the shape or form of or resembling
  • a-arm — An A-arm is part of a vehicle's suspension that consists of two rods in the shape of a letter A.
  • alarm — Alarm is a feeling of fear or anxiety that something unpleasant or dangerous might happen.
  • charm — Charm is the quality of being pleasant or attractive.

6 letter words ending with rm

  • -sperm — (in botany) a seed
  • affirm — If you affirm that something is true or that something exists, you state firmly and publicly that it is true or exists.
  • aswarm — filled, esp with moving things; swarming
  • beworm — to fill or infest with worms
  • biform — having or combining the characteristics of two forms, as a centaur

7 letter words ending with rm

  • aciform — needle-shaped; sharp
  • aliform — wing-shaped; alar
  • arcform — noting a type of cargo-ship construction in which the sides have the form of arcs so drawn that the greatest breadth is at load waterline, the purpose being to promote the flow of water to the propeller with an easy bilge and without loss of capacity.
  • artform — Alternative spelling of art form.
  • ausform — to temper or deform steel in order to make it stronger and more durable

8 letter words ending with rm

  • aeriform — having the form of air; gaseous
  • aquafarm — to cultivate fish or shellfish under controlled conditions
  • aquiform — Resembling water; watery, liquid.
  • arciform — shaped like an arch
  • armyworm — the caterpillar of a widely distributed noctuid moth, Leucania unipuncta, which travels in vast hordes and is a serious pest of cereal crops in North America

9 letter words ending with rm

  • aciniform — shaped like a bunch of grapes
  • amebiform — That resembles an amoeba / ameba.
  • angleworm — an earthworm used as bait by anglers
  • anguiform — shaped like a snake
  • apodiform — (zoology) Belonging to the order Apodiformes, including swifts and hummingbirds.

10 letter words ending with rm

  • actiniform — having radial form; rayed
  • afterswarm — a secondary (or tertiary) swarm of bees which leaves the colony after the main swarm has left, in the company of a virgin queen
  • amoebiform — resembling, shaped, or changing in shape like an amoeba
  • angiosperm — any seed-bearing plant of the phylum Angiospermophyta (division Angiospermae in traditional systems), in which the ovules are enclosed in an ovary, which develops into the fruit after fertilization; any flowering plant
  • anseriform — (ornithology) Of or pertaining to birds of the family Anseriformes including ducks, geese, swans, and screamers.

11 letter words ending with rm

  • acinaciform — (of leaves) shaped like a scimitar; curved
  • antenniform — shaped like an antenna
  • anti-reform — the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, unsatisfactory, etc.: social reform; spelling reform.
  • asbestiform — having the look or structure of asbestos
  • bacilliform — shaped like a rod

12 letter words ending with rm

13 letter words ending with rm

14 letter words ending with rm

  • caprimulgiform — Of or pertaining to the taxonomic order Caprimulgiformes.
  • chordamesoderm — a kind of mesoderm that develops into the notochord
  • cross-platform — (software, hardware)   A term that describes a language, software application or hardware device that works on more than one system platform (e.g. Unix, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh). E.g. Netscape Navigator, Java.

15 letter words ending with rm

  • continuous-form — of or relating to paper, blank forms, checks, etc., supplied in a folded stack or roll to a device, as a computer printer, generally with perforations between sheets for later separation and often with detachable punched edges used to advance the sheets through the device.
  • infundibuliform — having the shape of a funnel; funnel-shaped.
  • nitrochloroform — chloropicrin.
  • scolopendriform — resembling scolopendra

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