Words ending with rena

4 letter words ending with rena

  • rena — a female given name, form of Marina.

5 letter words ending with rena

  • arena — An arena is a place where sports, entertainments, and other public events take place. It has seats around it where people sit and watch.
  • crena — a notch or indentation
  • frena — a fold of membrane that checks or restrains the motion of a part, as the fold on the underside of the tongue.
  • urena — any tropical plant or shrub belonging to the genus Urena, of the mallow family, having clusters of small, yellow flowers, especially U. lobata, which yields a useful bast fiber.

6 letter words ending with rena

  • lorena — a female given name.
  • mirena — a type of intrauterine system
  • morena — (South Africa) Someone in authority, a master or leader, especially among Sotho-speakers. (Chiefly as a form of address.) (from 19th c.).
  • serena — a seaport in central Chile.
  • sirena — a female given name.

8 letter words ending with rena

  • macarena — (often initial capital letter) a dance performed in a group line or solo and following a rhythmic pattern of arm, hand, and hip movements in time to a Spanish song.

10 letter words ending with rena

  • juantorena — Alberto (alˈβɛrto). born 1951, Cuban runner: won the 400 metres and the 800 metres in the 1976 Olympic Games

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