Words ending with rate

4 letter words ending with rate

  • rate — the amount of a charge or payment with reference to some basis of calculation: a high rate of interest on loans.
  • absentee rate — the percentage of people who are absent each day from a school or company
  • accrual rate — the percentage rate at which interest accrues on a mortgage, loan, etc
  • annual percentage rate — the annual equivalent of a rate of interest when the rate is quoted more frequently than annually, usually monthly
  • annuity rate — An annuity rate is used to calculate the amount of income that will be paid, following investment of a lump sum in an annuity.

5 letter words ending with rate

  • crate — A crate is a large box used for transporting or storing things.
  • drate — Simple past form of drite.
  • frate — a monk or friar
  • grate — a frame of metal bars for holding fuel when burning, as in a fireplace, furnace, or stove.
  • irate — angry; enraged: an irate customer.

6 letter words ending with rate

  • adrate — the price or tariff that businesses pay to advertise
  • aerate — To aerate a substance means to cause air or gas to pass through it.
  • aurate — any salt of auric acid
  • berate — If you berate someone, you speak to them angrily about something they have done wrong.
  • borate — a salt or ester of boric acid. Salts of boric acid consist of BO3 and BO4 units linked together

7 letter words ending with rate

8 letter words ending with rate

  • aberrate — to deviate from what is normal or correct
  • accurate — careful and exact
  • acierate — to change (iron) into steel
  • aggerate — (transitive) To heap up.
  • ameerate — a country ruled by an ameer; an emirate

9 letter words ending with rate

  • adumbrate — to outline; give a faint indication of
  • aliterate — a person who is able to read but disinclined to do so
  • anhydrate — (organic chemistry) An acid anhydride.
  • arbitrate — When someone in authority arbitrates between two people or groups who are in dispute, they consider all the facts and make an official decision about who is right.
  • biopirate — a person who is responsible for biopiracy

10 letter words ending with rate

  • accelerate — If the process or rate of something accelerates or if something accelerates it, it gets faster and faster.
  • adulterate — If something such as food or drink is adulterated, someone has made its quality worse by adding water or cheaper products to it.
  • advisorate — an advisory body or group
  • aggregrate — Misspelling of aggregate.
  • aglomerate — Misspelling of agglomerate.

11 letter words ending with rate

  • acculturate — (of a cultural or social group) to assimilate the cultural traits of another group
  • agglomerate — to form or be formed into a mass or cluster; collect
  • barbiturate — A barbiturate is a drug which people take to make them calm or to help them to sleep.
  • bicorporate — having two bodies
  • capped-rate — having a fixed upper limit

12 letter words ending with rate

  • administrate — to manage or direct (the affairs of a business, institution, etc)
  • antiliterate — opposed to literacy, acting against literacy
  • carbohydrate — Carbohydrates are substances, found in certain kinds of food, that provide you with energy. Foods such as sugar and bread that contain these substances can also be referred to as carbohydrates.
  • centumvirate — the office of the centumviri
  • circumgyrate — to cause (something) to move in a circular motion

13 letter words ending with rate

14 letter words ending with rate

  • anti-corporate — of, for, or belonging to a corporation or corporations: a corporate executive; She considers the new federal subsidy just corporate welfare.
  • barium-hydrate — Also called calcined baryta, barium oxide, barium monoxide, barium protoxide. a white or yellowish-white poisonous solid, BaO, highly reactive with water: used chiefly as a dehydrating agent and in the manufacture of glass.
  • disequilibrate — to put out of equilibrium; unbalance: A period of high inflation could disequilibrate the monetary system.
  • disincarcerate — to release from imprisonment
  • disincorporate — to remove from an incorporated state or status.

15 letter words ending with rate

  • adjustable-rate — designating or of a debt obligation, esp. a mortgage on real property, having terms which allow the interest rate to change over time
  • angustirostrate — having a narrow, beak-like part
  • hydroxybutyrate — (chemistry) any salt or ester of hydroxybutyric acid, but especially of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid.
  • over-exaggerate — to magnify beyond the limits of truth; overstate; represent disproportionately: to exaggerate the difficulties of a situation.
  • overorchestrate — to compose or arrange excessively

16 letter words ending with rate

  • non-carbohydrate — any of a class of organic compounds that are polyhydroxy aldehydes or polyhydroxy ketones, or change to such substances on simple chemical transformations, as hydrolysis, oxidation, or reduction, and that form the supporting tissues of plants and are important food for animals and people.

17 letter words ending with rate

  • computer-literate — If someone is computer-literate, they have enough skill and knowledge to be able to use a computer.
  • macroinvertebrate — (zoology) An invertebrate that is large enough to be seen without the use of a microscope.
  • microinvertebrate — An invertebrate of microscopic size.

18 letter words ending with rate

  • diphosphoglycerate — an ester of phosphoric acid and glyceric acid that occurs in the blood and that promotes the release of hemoglobin-bound oxygen.

20 letter words ending with rate

  • potassium-bitartrate — a white, crystalline, water-soluble powder, C 4 H 5 KO 6 , used chiefly as an ingredient in baking powders and in galvanic tinning of metals. Also called potassium bitartrate, potassium acid tartrate. Compare tartar (def 3).

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