Words ending with ran

3 letter words ending with ran

  • ran — simple past tense of run.

4 letter words ending with ran

  • aran — of or relating to the Aran Islands
  • bran — Bran is the outer skin of grain that is left when the grain has been used to make flour.
  • cran — a unit of capacity used for measuring fresh herring, equal to 37.5 gallons
  • franFrancis Asbury ("Fran") born 1940, U.S. football player.
  • gran — grandmother.

5 letter words ending with ran

  • arran — an island off the SW coast of Scotland, in the Firth of Clyde. Pop: 5045 (2001). Area: 427 sq km (165 sq miles)
  • buran — a blizzard, with the wind blowing from the north and reaching gale force
  • doran — an electronic device for determining range and assisting navigation, employing the principle of the Doppler effect.
  • duranRoberto [ruh-bair-toh;; Spanish raw-ber-taw] /rəˈbɛər toʊ;; Spanish rɔˈbɛr tɔ/ (Show IPA), born 1951, Panamanian boxer.
  • furan — a colorless, liquid, unsaturated, five-membered heterocyclic compound, C 4 H 4 O, obtained from furfural: used chiefly in organic synthesis.

6 letter words ending with ran

  • altran — (language)   A Fortran extension for rational algebra developed by W.S. Brown of Bell Labs ca. 1968.
  • amtran — Automatic Mathematical TRANslation
  • anuran — any of the vertebrates of the order Anura (or Salientia), characterized by absence of a tail and very long hind legs specialized for hopping: class Amphibia (amphibians). The group includes the frogs and toads
  • citran — (language)   Caltech's answer to MIT's JOSS.
  • curran — a currant

7 letter words ending with ran

  • alcoran — the Koran
  • alkoran — the Koran
  • biafran — of or relating to Biafra or its inhabitants
  • bodhran — shallow one-sided drum popular in Irish and Scottish folk music
  • cateran — (formerly) a member of a band of brigands and marauders in the Scottish highlands

8 letter words ending with ran

  • also-ran — If you describe someone as an also-ran, you mean that they have been or are likely to be unsuccessful in a contest.
  • andorran — of or relating to Andorra or its inhabitants
  • dipluran — Any of various hexapods, of the order Diplura.
  • dipteran — dipterous (def 1).
  • echiuran — spoonworm

9 letter words ending with ran

  • aldebaran — a binary star, one component of which is a red giant, the brightest star in the constellation Taurus. It appears in the sky close to the star cluster Hyades. Visual magnitude: 0.85; spectral type: K5III; distance: 65 light years
  • bakhtaran — city in W Iran: pop. 561,000
  • canberran — a native or inhabitant of Canberra
  • catamaran — A catamaran is a sailing boat with two parallel hulls that are held in place by a single deck.
  • demeraran — originating from or native to Demerara

10 letter words ending with ran

  • benzofuran — a colourless insoluble aromatic liquid obtained from coal tar and used in the manufacture of synthetic resins. Formula: C8H6O
  • brachyuran — any decapod crustacean of the group (formerly suborder) Brachyura, which includes the crabs
  • cladoceran — any minute freshwater crustacean of the order Cladocera, which includes the water fleas
  • contadoran — a member nation of the Contadora Group: action taken by the Contadorans.
  • hemipteran — hemipterous.

11 letter words ending with ran

  • anisopteran — belonging or pertaining to the suborder Anisoptera, comprising the dragonflies.
  • chiropteran — of, relating to, or belonging to the Chiroptera, an order of placental mammals comprising the bats
  • coleopteran — any of the insects of the cosmopolitan order Coleoptera, in which the forewings are modified to form shell-like protective elytra. The order includes the beetles and weevils
  • cordilleran — a mountain system in W South America: the Andes and its component ranges.
  • ctenophoran — of a ctenophore

12 letter words ending with ran

  • aplacophoran — solenogaster.
  • dibenzofuran — an organic compound (C12H8O) composed of two benzene rings fused to a central furan ring
  • dictyopteran — any insect of the order Dictyoptera, which comprises the cockroaches and mantises
  • heteropteran — A bug of the group Heteroptera.
  • hymenopteran — hymenopterous.

13 letter words ending with ran

  • foraminiferan — any chiefly marine protozoan of the sarcodinian order Foraminifera, typically having a linear, spiral, or concentric shell perforated by small holes or pores through which pseudopodia extend.
  • mastigophoran — Also, mastigophore [mas-ti-guh-fawr, -fohr] /ˈmæs tɪ gəˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr/ (Show IPA). a protozoan of the phylum Mastigophora.
  • strepsipteran — strepsipterous.
  • thysanopteran — Also, thysanopterous. belonging or pertaining to the insect order Thysanoptera, comprising the thrips.
  • trans-saharan — a desert in N Africa, extending from the Atlantic to the Nile valley. About 3,500,000 sq. mi. (9,065,000 sq. km).

14 letter words ending with ran

15 letter words ending with ran

  • tetrahydrofuran — a clear liquid, C 4 H 8 O, soluble in water and organic solvents, used as a solvent for resins, in polymerizations and as a chemical intermediate.
  • vestimentiferan — any of various marine tubeworms of the phylum Vestimentifera or Pogonophora, which live in upright tubes near hydrothermal vents.

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