Words ending with rale

4 letter words ending with rale

  • rale — an abnormal crackling or rattling sound heard upon auscultation of the chest, caused by disease or congestion of the lungs.

5 letter words ending with rale

  • orale — fanon (def 2).

6 letter words ending with rale

  • morale — emotional or mental condition with respect to cheerfulness, confidence, zeal, etc., especially in the face of opposition, hardship, etc.: the morale of the troops.
  • thraleHester Lynch (Hester Lynch Piozzi) 1741–1821, Welsh writer and friend of Samuel Johnson.

7 letter words ending with rale

  • chorale — A chorale is a piece of music sung as part of a church service.
  • petrale — a variety of flounder, native to the Pacific coast of North America and commonly caught for food

8 letter words ending with rale

  • centrale — (anatomy) The central, or one of the central, bones of the carpus or tarsus. In the human tarsus it is represented by the navicular.
  • eau minerale — mineral water (def 1).
  • jus naturale — the rules and principles of law derived from the customs and legislation of Rome, as opposed to those derived from the customs of all nations (jus gentium) or from fundamental ideas of right and wrong implicit in the human mind (jus naturale)
  • mare australe — (Southern Sea) an area near the south pole of Mars, appearing as a dark region when viewed telescopically from the earth.
  • triangulum australe — a small bright triangular constellation in the S hemisphere, lying between Ara and the Southern Cross, that contains an open star cluster

9 letter words ending with rale

  • pastorale — an opera, cantata, or the like, with a pastoral subject.

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