7-letter words that end in ral

  • -hedral — having (a specified number of) surfaces
  • achiral — able to be superimposed on its mirror image
  • admiral — An admiral is a senior officer in a navy.
  • apteral — (esp of a classical temple) not having columns at the sides
  • augural — the art or practice of an augur; divination.
  • auroral — of or like the dawn.
  • austral — of or coming from the south
  • averral — (nonstandard) The act of averring; an assertion of truth.
  • butyral — a type of resin
  • cameral — of or relating to a judicial or legislative chamber
  • caporal — a strong coarse dark tobacco
  • castral — of or relating to a camp, esp a military camp
  • central — Something that is central is in the middle of a place or area.
  • chloral — a colourless oily liquid with a pungent odour, made from chlorine and acetaldehyde and used in preparing chloral hydrate and DDT; trichloroacetaldehyde
  • dextral — of, relating to, or located on the right side, esp of the body; right-hand
  • elytral — relating to a beetle's elytra
  • enteral — Involving or passing through the intestine, either naturally via the mouth and oesophagus, or through an artificial opening.
  • enthral — (transitive) To hold spellbound; to bewitch, charm or captivate.
  • federal — pertaining to or of the nature of a union of states under a central government distinct from the individual governments of the separate states, as in federal government; federal system.
  • femoral — of, relating to, or situated at, in, or near the thigh or femur.
  • figural — consisting of figures, especially human or animal figures: the figural representations contained in ancient wall paintings.
  • funeral — the ceremonies for a dead person prior to burial or cremation; obsequies.
  • futural — of or relating to the future
  • gastral — of or relating to the stomach
  • general — of or relating to all persons or things belonging to a group or category: a general meeting of the employees.
  • gomeral — a fool.
  • hederal — of or resembling any plant of the genus Hedera
  • humeral — Anatomy, Zoology. of or relating to the humerus or brachium.
  • humoral — of, relating to, or proceeding from a fluid of the body.
  • hypural — relating to the bones of the area below the tail of fish
  • immoral — violating moral principles; not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or established as consistent with principles of personal and social ethics.
  • inthral — enthrall.
  • kestral — Misspelling of kestrel.
  • lateral — of or relating to the side; situated at, proceeding from, or directed to a side: a lateral view.
  • liberal — favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.
  • literal — in accordance with, involving, or being the primary or strict meaning of the word or words; not figurative or metaphorical: the literal meaning of a word.
  • lustral — of, relating to, or employed in the lustrum, or rite of purification.
  • maceral — any of the organic units that constitute coal: equivalent to any of the mineral constituents of a rock
  • mayoral — the chief executive official, usually elected, of a city, village, or town.
  • membral — relating to a limb or limbs
  • mineral — any of a class of substances occurring in nature, usually comprising inorganic substances, as quartz or feldspar, of definite chemical composition and usually of definite crystal structure, but sometimes also including rocks formed by these substances as well as certain natural products of organic origin, as asphalt or coal.
  • mistral — Frédéric [frey-dey-reek] /freɪ deɪˈrik/ (Show IPA), 1830–1914, French Provençal poet: Nobel prize 1904.
  • moneral — Of or pertaining to the Monera.
  • nadiral — Astronomy. the point on the celestial sphere directly beneath a given position or observer and diametrically opposite the zenith.
  • natural — existing in or formed by nature (opposed to artificial): a natural bridge.
  • nemoral — Pertaining to groves or woodland.
  • neutral — not taking part or giving assistance in a dispute or war between others: a neutral nation during World War II.
  • nonoral — uttered by the mouth; spoken: oral testimony.
  • numeral — a word, letter, symbol, or figure, etc., expressing a number; number: the Roman numerals.
  • papyral — made from papyrus

On this page, we collect all 7-letter words ending in RAL. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 7-letter word that ends in RAL to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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