17-letter words that end in ral

  • accessory mineral — See at accessory (def 7).
  • brigadier general — In the United States, a brigadier general is a senior officer in the armed forces who is often in charge of a brigade and has a rank above colonel and below major general.
  • consulate general — the office or residence of a consul general
  • definite integral — the evaluation of the indefinite integral between two limits, representing the area between the given function and the x-axis between these two values of x
  • four-star general — high-ranking military officer
  • hyperbolic spiral — rθ = a, (where a is a constant)
  • improper integral — Also called infinite integral. a definite integral in which one or both of the limits of integration is infinite.
  • infinite integral — improper integral (def 1).
  • inspector general — a comedy (1836) by Gogol.
  • inspector-general — a comedy (1836) by Gogol.
  • it's your funeral — If someone says to you 'It's your funeral', they think your decision or your actions will have bad consequences for you, but they are unwilling to interfere.
  • iterated integral — a double integral that is evaluated by first integrating the integrand with respect to one variable with the second variable being held constant and then integrating the resulting function with respect to the second variable.
  • lebesgue integral — an integral obtained by application of the theory of measure and more general than the Riemann integral.
  • limousine liberal — a wealthy left-wing person
  • multiple integral — an integral in which the integrand involves a function of more than one variable and which requires for evaluation repetition of the integration process.
  • paymaster general — a government minister responsible for making payments by government departments
  • police procedural — a mystery novel, film, or television drama that deals realistically with police work.
  • polyvinyl butyral — a white, water-insoluble, polyvinyl acetal made with butyraldehyde, used chiefly as an interlayer in the manufacture of safety glass.
  • secretary-general — the head or chief administrative officer of a secretariat.
  • solicitor general — a law officer who maintains the rights of the state in suits affecting the public interest, next in rank to the attorney general.
  • stag's-horn coral — staghorn coral.
  • wage-price spiral — a situation in which wage and price increases drive each other upward and cause inflation

On this page, we collect all 17-letter words ending in RAL. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 17-letter word that ends in RAL to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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