13-letter words that end in p

  • a clean sweep — If you make a clean sweep of something such as a series of games or tournaments, you win them all.
  • abelian group — a group the defined binary operation of which is commutative: if a and b are members of an Abelian group then ab = ba
  • acrylyl group — the univalent group C 3 H 3 O−, derived from acrylic acid.
  • air-lift pump — a pump that pumps liquid by injecting air into the lower end of an open pipe immersed in the liquid: often used in boreholes
  • alphabet soup — a confusing series of acronyms or abbreviations
  • aluminum soap — any of the salts formed by higher carboxylic acids and aluminum, as aluminum oleate, aluminum palmitate, and aluminum stearate.
  • america's cup — an international yachting trophy, first won by the schooner America in 1851 and held as a challenge trophy by the New York Yacht Club until 1983
  • anonymous ftp — (networking)   An interactive service provided by many Internet hosts allowing any user to transfer documents, files, programs, and other archived data using File Transfer Protocol. The user logs in using the special user name "ftp" or "anonymous" and his e-mail address as password. He then has access to a special directory hierarchy containing the publically accessible files, typically in a subdirectory called "pub". This is usually a separate area from files used by local users. A reference like ftp: euagate.eua.ericsson.se /pub/eua/erlang/info means that files are available by anonymous FTP from the host called euagate.eua.ericsson.se in the directory (or file) /pub/eua/erlang/info. Sometimes the hostname will be followed by an Internet address in parentheses. The directory will usually be given as a path relative to the anonymous FTP login directory. A reference to a file available by FTP may also be in the form of a URL starting "ftp:". See also Archie, archive site, EFS, FTP by mail, web.
  • assistantship — a graduate post which requires the student to carry out some teaching duties in return for financial assistance
  • associateship — to connect or bring into relation, as thought, feeling, memory, etc.: Many people associate dark clouds with depression and gloom.
  • backing group — a group of musicians providing an instrumental or vocal accompaniment for a pop singer
  • badminton cup — a long refreshing drink of claret with soda water and sugar
  • balanced step — any of a series of staircase winders so planned that they are nearly as wide at the inside of the stair as the adjacent fliers.
  • barbary sheep — aoudad
  • barristership — the office of a barrister
  • be muffled up — If you are muffled up, you are wearing a lot of heavy clothes so that very little of your body or face is visible.
  • benzoyl group — the univalent group C 7 H 5 O–, derived from benzoic acid.
  • bite your lip — If you bite your lip, you try very hard not to show the anger or distress that you are feeling.
  • bledisloe cup — a trophy competed for, usually annually, by New Zealand and Australia since 1932
  • bracket creep — an advance into a higher income tax bracket resulting from an increase in nominal income: the higher taxes, when combined with the effects of inflation, may produce a decline in real income
  • breaker strip — breaker1 (def 4).
  • breaker-strip — a person or thing that breaks.
  • brinksmanship — the technique or practice of maneuvering a dangerous situation to the limits of tolerance or safety in order to secure the greatest advantage, especially by creating diplomatic crises.
  • business trip — a journey made somewhere and back again for business purposes in one's working capacity
  • butyryl group — the univalent group C 4 H 7 O–.
  • cacodyl group — the univalent group (CH 3) 2 As−, derived from arsine.
  • candidateship — candidature
  • caprivi strip — narrow strip of land, c. 50 mi (80 km) wide, of NE Namibia, extending eastward to the Zambezi River: c. 300 mi (483 km) long
  • carbolic soap — a disinfectant soap containing phenol
  • cartoon strip — A cartoon strip is a series of drawings that tells a story.
  • central islip — a town on S Long Island, in SE New York.
  • chaperoneship — State or position of chaperone.
  • chemical pulp — wood pulp made from chemically treated and cooked wood fibers and used in the manufacture of better grades of paper.
  • chieftainship — the chief of a clan or a tribe.
  • chimney sweep — A chimney sweep is a person whose job is to clean the soot out of chimneys.
  • churchmanship — The craft or skill of being a churchman. (from 17th c.).
  • clippety-clop — the sound struck by the hoofs of a horse trotting on pavement, or any staccato, rhythmic sound resembling it.
  • co-authorship — the state a coauthor
  • coadjutorship — the state of being a coadjutor
  • cognitive map — a mental map of one's environment
  • colleagueship — workplace companionship
  • collectorship — The rank or office of a collector of customs or other taxes.
  • colonel blimp — an elderly, pompous British reactionary, especially an army officer or government official.
  • commandership — a person who commands.
  • committeeship — (formerly) the office of a person to whom the care of a mentally incompetent person or his or her property was entrusted by a court
  • communion cup — a chalice from which a communicant drinks.
  • companionship — Companionship is having someone you know and like with you, rather than being on your own.
  • computer chip — a small integrated circuit of a kind used in computers
  • conductorship — The position of conductor of an orchestra.
  • confessorship — the office or function of a confessor

On this page, we collect all 13-letter words ending in letter P. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 13-letter word that ends in P to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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