Words ending with os

2 letter words ending with os

  • os — Anatomy, Zoology. a bone.
  • mac os — Macintosh Operating System
  • risc os — (operating system)   (Reduced Instruction Set Computer Operating System) The operating system originally developed by Acorn Computers for their Archimedes family of personal computers. RISC OS replaced the Arthur operating system used on the first Archimedeses. It is written in ARM assembly code and distributed on ROM so it takes up no disk space and takes no time to load. It supports cooperative multitasking with memory management and includes a graphical user interface or "WIMP". It is written in a highly modular style and makes extensive use of vectors so it is easy to modify and extend by loading new modules in RAM. Many system calls (called "SWIs" - software interrupts) are available to application programmers and some of these are available as user comands via a built-in command-line interpreter. RISC OS also supported outline fonts when only bitmap fonts were available on most other platforms. Following the virtual demise of Acorn, development of RISC OS 4 was taken over by RISCOS Ltd on 1999-03-05 and released on 1999-07-01.

3 letter words ending with os

  • aos — 1.   (programming)   /aws/ (East Coast), /ay-os/ (West Coast) A PDP-10 instruction that took any memory location and added 1 to it. AOS meant "Add One and do not Skip". Why, you may ask, does the "S" stand for "do not Skip" rather than for "Skip"? Ah, here was a beloved piece of PDP-10 folklore. There were eight such instructions: AOSE added 1 and then skipped the next instruction if the result was Equal to zero; AOSG added 1 and then skipped if the result was Greater than 0; AOSN added 1 and then skipped if the result was Not 0; AOSA added 1 and then skipped Always; and so on. Just plain AOS didn't say when to skip, so it never skipped. For similar reasons, AOJ meant "Add One and do not Jump". Even more bizarre, SKIP meant "do not SKIP"! If you wanted to skip the next instruction, you had to say "SKIPA". Likewise, JUMP meant "do not JUMP"; the unconditional form was JUMPA. However, hackers never did this. By some quirk of the 10's design, the JRST (Jump and ReSTore flag with no flag specified) was actually faster and so was invariably used. Such were the perverse mysteries of assembler programming. 2.   (operating system)   /A-O-S/ or /A-os/ A Multics-derived operating system supported at one time by Data General. A spoof of the standard AOS system administrator's manual ("How to Load and Generate your AOS System") was created, issued a part number, and circulated as photocopy folklore; it was called "How to Goad and Levitate your CHAOS System". 3.   (operating system)   Algebraic Operating System, in reference to those calculators which use infix operators instead of postfix notation.
  • bos — 1.   (operating system)   Basic Operating System. 2.   (tool)   A data management system written at DESY and used in some high energy physics programs. 3.   (programming)   The Basic Object System.
  • cos — one of the Greek Dodecanese Islands in the SE Aegean Sea, off the SW coast of Turkey. 111 sq. mi. (287 sq. km).
  • dos — any of several single-user, command-driven operating systems for personal computers, especially MS DOS.
  • eos — the winged goddess of the dawn, the daughter of Hyperion

4 letter words ending with os

  • 'cos — 'Cos is an informal way of saying because.
  • abos — Plural form of abo.
  • acos — (language)   A BBS language for PRODOS 8 on Apple II. Macos is a hacked version of ACOS.
  • ados — Plural form of ado.
  • amos — a Hebrew prophet of the 8th century bc

5 letter words ending with os

  • actos — a short, realistic play, usually in Spanish, that dramatizes the social and economic problems of Chicanos.
  • adios — goodbye; farewell
  • agios — a premium on money in exchange.
  • aidos — shame
  • altos — Plural form of alto.

6 letter words ending with os

  • abydos — an ancient town in central Egypt: site of many temples and tombs
  • adobos — Plural form of adobo.
  • agogos — Plural form of agogo.
  • alamos — a poplar.
  • aliyos — the act of proceeding to the reading table in a synagogue for the reading of a portion from the Torah.

7 letter words ending with os

  • abrazos — Plural form of abrazo.
  • adagios — Plural form of adagio.
  • albedos — Plural form of albedo.
  • albinos — Plural form of albino.
  • ampelos — a satyr who was placed among the stars by Dionysus.

8 letter words ending with os

  • adrastos — a king of Argos and leader of the Seven against Thebes.
  • allegros — Plural form of allegro.
  • annattos — Plural form of annatto.
  • apikoros — A Jewish skeptic or apostate.
  • arguidos — Plural form of arguido.

9 letter words ending with os

  • akoluthos — the title of a commander of a regiment in the Byzantine Varangian Guard
  • alabastos — alabastron.
  • alalagmos — a war-cry used by the ancient Greeks, said to have been invented by Pan
  • apostolos — a book containing parts of the Epistles and parts of the Acts of the Apostles.
  • arpeggios — Plural form of arpeggio.

10 letter words ending with os

  • acolouthos — the chief of the Varangian guard in the Byzantine empire during the Palaeologan period
  • alexandros — Alexander (def 2).
  • altiplanos — Plural form of altiplano.
  • americanos — Plural form of americano.
  • armadillos — Plural form of armadillo.

11 letter words ending with os

  • aficionados — Plural form of aficionado.
  • allegrettos — Plural form of allegretto.
  • amphoriskos — a miniature amphora.
  • ballesteros — Severiano (sevɛˈrjano). 1957–2011, Spanish professional golfer: won the British Open Championship (1979; 1984; 1988) and the US Masters (1980; 1983)
  • cappuccinos — Plural form of cappuccino.

12 letter words ending with os

  • afficionados — Plural form of afficionado.
  • antigropelos — waterproof leggings used to protect against mud
  • archibenthos — the ocean bottom between the littoral and abyssal zones: from depths of approximately 200 feet (60 meters) to 3300 feet (1000 meters).
  • archipelagos — Plural form of archipelago.
  • braggadocios — empty boasting; bragging.

13 letter words ending with os

  • antineutrinos — Plural form of antineutrino.
  • banderilleros — Plural form of banderillero.
  • coatzacoalcos — city in EC Mexico, in Veracruz state: pop. 233,000
  • gulf-of-sarosGulf of, an inlet of the Aegean, N of the Gallipoli Peninsula. 37 miles (60 km) long; 22 miles (35 km) wide.

14 letter words ending with os

  • alloiostrophos — irregularly divided, not in a regular pattern of strophe and antistrophe
  • emprosthotonos — Alternative form of emprosthotonus.
  • generalissimos — Plural form of generalissimo.
  • theotocopoulos — Domenikos [th aw-men-ee-kaws] /ðɔˈmɛn i kɔs/ (Show IPA), El Greco.

15 letter words ending with os

  • oligohydramnios — (medicine) A deficit of amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac, causing distinctive deformations of the foetus.

16 letter words ending with os

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