Words ending with ore

3 letter words ending with ore

  • ore — a metal-bearing mineral or rock, or a native metal, that can be mined at a profit.
  • bog-iron ore — a deposit of impure limonite formed in low, wet areas.
  • dry-bone ore — a porous variety of smithsonite found near the surface of the earth.
  • gray manganese ore — manganite.
  • green lead ore — pyromorphite.

4 letter words ending with ore

  • bore — If someone or something bores you, you find them dull and uninteresting.
  • core — The core of a fruit is the central part of it. It contains seeds or pips.
  • dore — (Paul) Gustave [pawl gy-stav] /pɔl güˈstav/ (Show IPA), 1832?–83, French painter, illustrator, and sculptor.
  • fore — situated at or toward the front, as compared with something else.
  • gore — a city in W Ethiopia.

5 letter words ending with ore

  • -bore — -bore combines with numbers to form adjectives which indicate the size of the barrel of a gun.
  • -core — indicating a type of popular music
  • abore — Simple past form of abear (carry, bear; develop; put up with, thole, tolerate, abide).
  • adore — If you adore someone, you feel great love and admiration for them.
  • afore — before

6 letter words ending with ore

  • -chore — (in botany) indicating a plant distributed by a certain means
  • -phore — indicating a person or thing that bears or produces
  • ashore — Someone or something that comes ashore comes from the sea onto the shore.
  • astore — (transitive) To store; to furnish with stores.[https://www.wordnik.com/words/astore The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia, via Wordnik.com] (accessed 19 March 2016).
  • before — If something happens before a particular date, time, or event, it happens earlier than that date, time, or event.

7 letter words ending with ore

  • anymore — If something does not happen or is not true anymore, it has stopped happening or is no longer true.
  • ardmore — a city in S Oklahoma.
  • asthore — my treasure: a term of endearment
  • bandore — a 16th-century plucked musical instrument resembling a lute but larger and fitted with seven pairs of metal strings
  • bedsore — Bedsores are sore places on a person's skin, caused by having to lie in bed for a long time without changing position.

8 letter words ending with ore

  • air-core — having a nonmagnetic core, as one of fiber or plastic, encircled by a coil (air-core coil) or containing one or more such coils: air-core transformer.
  • albacore — a tunny, Thunnus alalunga, occurring mainly in warm regions of the Atlantic and Pacific. It has very long pectoral fins and is a valued food fish
  • aviemore — a winter sports resort in Scotland, in Moray between the Monadhliath and Cairngorm Mountains. Pop: 2397 (2001)
  • bed-sore — an ulceration of the skin and subcutaneous tissue caused by poor circulation due to prolonged pressure on body parts, especially bony protuberances, occurring in bedridden or immobile patients; decubitus ulcer.
  • bellmore — a city on S Long Island, in SE New York.

9 letter words ending with ore

  • acrospore — a spore borne at the tip of a sporophore, as a basidiospore.
  • aerophore — a device which supplies oxygen in order to aid breathing
  • angashore — a miserable person given to complaining
  • ascospore — one of the spores (usually eight in number) that are produced in an ascus
  • autospore — a nonmotile algal spore that develops adult characteristics before being released

10 letter words ending with ore

  • aeciospore — any of the spores produced in an aecium of the rust fungi, which spread to and infect the primary host
  • alongshore — close to, by, or along a shore
  • androphore — an extension of the receptacle carrying the androecium and the gynoecium, typical of the caper family (Capparidaceae)
  • androspore — the zoospore of certain algae that develops into a small male plant producing antherozoids.
  • anemochore — a plant in which the fruits or seeds are dispersed by wind

11 letter words ending with ore

  • anthochlore — a yellow pigment found in flowers
  • aplanospore — a nonmotile asexual spore produced by certain algae and fungi
  • arthrospore — a sporelike cell of ascomycetous fungi and some algae produced by a breaking of the hyphae
  • blastospore — a spore formed by budding, as in certain fungi
  • chromophore — a group of atoms in a chemical compound that are responsible for the colour of the compound

12 letter words ending with ore

  • basidiospore — one of the spores, usually four in number, produced in a basidium
  • chondrophore — a medusoid hydrozoan that resembles a jellyfish
  • conidiophore — a simple or branched hypha that bears spores (conidia) in such fungi as Penicillium
  • conidiospore — a conidium
  • galactophore — a galactophorous duct.

13 letter words ending with ore

  • ballistospore — a spore, esp a fungal spore, that is forcefully ejected from its source
  • chandernagore — a port in E India, in S West Bengal on the Hooghly River: a former French settlement (1686–1950). Pop: 162 166 (2001)
  • chlamydospore — a thick-walled asexual spore of many fungi: capable of surviving adverse conditions
  • chromatophore — a cell in the skin of frogs, chameleons, etc, in which pigment is concentrated or dispersed, causing the animal to change colour
  • improvisatore — An individual who recites impromptu verse, as from a song or poem.

14 letter words ending with ore

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