13-letter words that end in op

  • clippety-clop — the sound struck by the hoofs of a horse trotting on pavement, or any staccato, rhythmic sound resembling it.
  • drag and drop — A common method for manipulating files (and sometimes text) under a graphical user interface or WIMP environment. The user moves the pointer over an icon representing a file and presses a mouse button. He holds the button down while moving the pointer (dragging the file) to another place, usually a directory viewer or an icon for some application program, and then releases the button (dropping the file). The meaning of this action can often be modified by holding certain keys on the keyboard at the same time. Some systems also use this technique for objects other than files, e.g. portions of text in a word processor. The biggest problem with drag and drop is does it mean "copy" or "move"? The answer to this question is not intuitively evident, and there is no consensus for which is the right answer. The same vendor even makes it move in some cases and copy in others. Not being sure whether an operation is copy or move will cause you to check very often, perhaps every time if you need to be certain. Mistakes can be costly. People make mistakes all the time with drag and drop. Human computer interaction studies show a higher failure rate for such operations, but also a higher "forgiveness rate" (users think "silly me") than failures with commands (users think "stupid machine"). Overall, drag and drop took some 40 times longer to do than single-key commands.
  • feedback loop — the path by which some of the output of a circuit, system, or device is returned to the input.
  • four-way stop — an intersection of two roads with four stop signs, one facing in each direction
  • giant scallop — sea scallop.
  • hardware shop — a shop that sells metal tools and implements and mechanical equipment and components, etc
  • infinite loop — (programming)   (Or "endless loop") Where a piece of program is executed repeatedly with no hope of stopping. This is nearly always because of a bug, e.g. if the condition for exiting the loop is wrong, though it may be intentional if the program is controlling an embedded system which is supposed to run continuously until it is turned off. The programmer may also intend the program to run until interrupted by the user. An endless loop may also be used as a last-resort error handler when no other action is appropriate. This is used in some operating system kernels following a panic. A program executing an infinite loop is said to spin or buzz forever and goes catatonic. The program is "wound around the axle". A standard joke has been made about each generation's exemplar of the ultra-fast machine: "The Cray-3 is so fast it can execute an infinite loop in under 2 seconds!" See also black hole, recursion, infinite loop.
  • john winthropJohn, 1588–1649, English colonist in America: 1st governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony 1629–33, 1637–40, 1642–44, 1646–49.
  • loop the loop — plane: fly upside down
  • loop-the-loop — an airplane maneuver in which a plane, starting upward, makes one complete vertical loop.
  • medicine shop — (in Malaysia) a Chinese chemist's shop where traditional herbs are sold as well as modern drugs. It is not, however, a dispensary for prescribed medicines
  • multiple shop — chain store.
  • mutation stop — an organ pipe sounding the harmonic of the note normally produced
  • neck and crop — completely; entirely
  • nonunion shop — a shop or business in which the employer fixes terms and conditions of employment unilaterally without recognizing or dealing with a union.
  • not much chop — not much good; poor
  • one-stop shop — an establishment where many different services or products are available
  • palm-oil chop — a W African dish made with meat and palm oil
  • shoulder loop — a flap on each shoulder of a service uniform on which metallic insignia of rank are worn by commissioned and warrant officers in the Army, Air Force, and Marines.
  • souvenir shop — a shop that sells trivial gift items, such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, keyrings etc, esp aimed at tourists
  • standing chop — (in an axemen's competition) a chop with the log standing upright
  • standing crop — the totality of living things in an ecosystem at a given time.
  • waygoing crop — away-going crop.

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