10-letter words that end in op

  • qwertyuiop — Filler text.
  • ribbentrop — Joachim von [yoh-ah-khim fuh n] /ˈyoʊ ɑ xɪm fən/ (Show IPA), 1893–1946, German leader in the Nazi party: minister of foreign affairs 1938–45; executed for war crimes.
  • share shop — A share shop is a shop or Internet website where members of the public can buy shares in companies.
  • silent cop — a small hemispherical traffic marker at an intersection
  • small chop — cocktail snacks
  • smoke shop — a shop selling tobacco products.
  • spaza shop — South African slang for a small shop in a township
  • speed shop — a garage that specializes in fitting cars, especially hot rods, with custom-made mechanical equipment for racing.
  • sponge mop — a mop that makes use of a sponge as the cleaning part
  • sweat-shop — a shop employing workers at low wages, for long hours, and under poor conditions.
  • sweet shop — a store that sells candy.
  • sweet-shop — a store that sells candy.
  • techno-pop — a form of popular dance music of the 1980s and 1990s combining elements of techno with live instrumentation, pop lyrics, etc.
  • thriftshop — a retail store that sells secondhand goods at reduced prices.
  • truck crop — a vegetable crop raised on a truck farm.
  • truck stop — a gas station, usually at the side of a major highway, where truck drivers stop for fuel, and often including a restaurant, sleeping and showering rooms, a store selling basic items, etc.
  • truss hoop — a hoop placed around the staves of a barrel to secure them in place.
  • union shop — a shop, business establishment, or part thereof, in which terms and conditions of employment for all employees are fixed by agreement between the employer and a labor union.
  • video shop — a shop that sells and rents videos and DVDs
  • wrist loop — a loop that you wear over your wrist which is attached to a piece of mountaineering equipment
  • wrist-drop — paralysis of the extensor muscles of the hand causing it to droop, due to injuries or some poisons, as lead or arsenic.
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