Words ending with od

2 letter words ending with od

  • od — a hypothetical force formerly held to pervade all nature and to manifest itself in magnetism, mesmerism, chemical action, etc.

3 letter words ending with od

  • bod — A bod is a person.
  • cod — Cod are a type of large edible fish.
  • dod — (Ulster) sulk, huff.
  • fod — /fod/ [Abbreviation for "Finger of Death", originally a spell-name from fantasy gaming] To terminate with extreme prejudice and with no regard for other people. From MUDs where the wizard command "FOD " results in the immediate and total death of , usually as punishment for obnoxious behaviour. This usage migrated to other circumstances, such as "I'm going to fod the process that is burning all the cycles." Compare gun. In aviation, FOD means Foreign Object Damage, e.g. what happens when a jet engine sucks up a rock on the runway or a bird in flight. Finger of Death is a distressingly apt description of what this generally does to the engine.
  • god — the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe.

4 letter words ending with od

  • *mod — (language)   ("StarMOD") A concurrent language combining the modules of Modula and the communications of Distributed Processes.
  • -pod — indicating a certain type or number of feet
  • alod — a feudal estate with no superior
  • apod — an animal with no feet or whose feet are rudimentary
  • brod — to prod

5 letter words ending with od

  • -hood — indicating state or condition of being
  • abood — Obsolete spelling of abode.
  • agood — in a serious or earnest manner
  • allod — allodium
  • bipod — a two-legged support or stand

6 letter words ending with od

  • ashdod — a town in central Israel, on the Mediterranean coast: an important city in the Philistine Empire, with its artificial harbour (1961) it is now a major port. Pop: 192 000 (2003 est)
  • atwood — Margaret (Eleanor) born 1939, Canadian poet and novelist. Her novels include Lady Oracle (1976), The Handmaid's Tale (1986), Alias Grace (1996), the Booker Prize-winning The Blind Assassin (2000), and Oryx and Crake (2003)
  • emerod — a haemorrhoid
  • fantod — Usually, fantods. a state of extreme nervousness or restlessness; the willies; the fidgets (usually preceded by the): We all developed the fantods when the plane was late in arriving.
  • gounod — Charles François [chahrlz fran-swah;; French sharl frahn-swa] /tʃɑrlz frænˈswɑ;; French ʃarl frɑ̃ˈswa/ (Show IPA), 1818–93, French composer.

7 letter words ending with od

  • 'sblood — God's blood
  • apehood — the state of being an ape
  • ashwood — The wood of the ash tree.
  • autopod — Autopodium.
  • axelrod — Julius. 1912–2004, US neuropharmacologist, renowned for his work on catecholamines. Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (with von Euler and Bernard Katz) 1970

8 letter words ending with od

  • agalwood — a soft, resinous wood of the Asain tree Aquilaria malaccensis, known for its aromatic qualities, and used in incense
  • amblypod — one of the primitive ungulate mammals of the extinct order Pantodonta, from the Paleocene and Eocene epochs, having a massive body and short legs.
  • amphipod — any marine or freshwater crustacean of the order Amphipoda, such as the sand hoppers, in which the body is laterally compressed: subclass Malacostraca
  • anglepod — an American wild flowering plant with angular pods, belonging to the milkweed family
  • antifood — Opposing food.

9 letter words ending with od

  • actinopod — any protozoan of the phylum Actinopoda, such as a radiolarian or a heliozoan, having stiff radiating cytoplasmic projections
  • adulthood — Adulthood is the state of being an adult.
  • agilawood — agalloch.
  • aloeswood — agalloch.
  • angelhood — the state of being an angel

10 letter words ending with od

  • bitterwood — any of several simaroubaceous trees of the genus Picrasma of S and SE Asia and the Caribbean, whose bitter bark and wood are used in medicine as a substitute for quassia
  • bladderpod — any of several plants belonging to the genera Alyssoides and Lesquerella, of the mustard family, having inflated seed pods.
  • boldrewood — Rolf, real name Thomas Alexander Browne. 1826–1915, Australian writer, born in the UK, noted for his novels of the Australian outback, esp Robbery Under Arms (1882–3)
  • brachiopod — any marine invertebrate animal of the phylum Brachiopoda, having a ciliated feeding organ (lophophore) and a shell consisting of dorsal and ventral valves
  • brazilwood — a hard, reddish wood obtained from several tropical American trees (genera Caesalpinia and Haematoxylon) of the caesalpinia family: it yields a red or blue dye and is also used in making cabinets and violin bows

11 letter words ending with od

  • branchiopod — any crustacean of the mainly freshwater subclass Branchiopoda, having flattened limblike appendages for swimming, feeding, and respiration. The group includes the water fleas
  • brotherhood — Brotherhood is the affection and loyalty that you feel for people who you have something in common with.
  • cabinetwood — any wood suitable for use in cabinetwork.
  • camphorwood — The wood of Cinnamomum camphora, an evergreen tree whose leaves have a smell of camphor when crushed.
  • case*method — An analysis and design method from Oracle targeted at information management applications.

12 letter words ending with od

13 letter words ending with od

14 letter words ending with od

  • partridge-wood — the rotted condition of the wood of certain trees, especially oaks, caused by a parasitic fungus, Xylobolus frustulatus.

15 letter words ending with od

  • grandparenthood — The state of being a grandparent.
  • half-understood — partially understood
  • hobbledehoyhood — The period of time of being a hobbledehoy; awkward adolescence.
  • the-city-of-god — Latin De Civitate Dei. a work in 22 books (a.d. 413–26) by St. Augustine of Hippo, expounding an early Christian view of society and history.
  • well-understood — simple past tense and past participle of understand.

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