Words ending with ock

3 letter words ending with ock

  • ock — Alternative spelling of och.

4 letter words ending with ock

  • -ock — indicating smallness
  • bock — a dark beer traditionally drunk in the early spring
  • cock — A man's cock is his penis.
  • dock — any of various weedy plants belonging to the genus Rumex, of the buckwheat family, as R. obtusifolius (bitter dock) or R. acetosa (sour dock) having long taproots.
  • hock — the state of being deposited or held as security; pawn: She was forced to put her good jewelry in hock.

5 letter words ending with ock

  • acock — in a cocked position
  • amock — (very rare) alternative spelling of amok.
  • block — A block of flats or offices is a large building containing them.
  • brock — a badger
  • chock — a block or wedge of wood used to prevent the sliding or rolling of a heavy object

6 letter words ending with ock

  • alcock — Sir John William. 1892–1919, English aviator who with A.W. Brown made the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic (1919)
  • bemock — to mock
  • d-lock — a lock shaped like a capital D when locked
  • enlock — to lock or secure
  • inlock — to lock up

7 letter words ending with ock

  • airlock — An airlock is a small room that is used to move between areas which do not have the same air pressure, for example in a spacecraft or submarine.
  • armlock — a hold in which an opponent's arm is gripped in such a manner that it cannot be moved. This is often used with the intention of forcing the opponent into submission.
  • ballock — A testicle.
  • bannock — a round flat unsweetened cake originating in Scotland, made from oatmeal or barley and baked on a griddle
  • bantock — Sir Granville. 1868–1946, British composer. His works include the Hebridean Symphony (1915), five ballets, and three operas

8 letter words ending with ock

  • abricock — an apricot
  • air-lock — to place in or confine to an air lock: to air-lock divers before they descend.
  • alcolock — a breath-alcohol ignition-interlock device fitted to the ignition in certain motor vehicles. The driver must blow into a tube and, if his or her breath contains too much alcohol, a lock is activated to prevent the vehicle starting
  • alt-rock — a genre of rock music regarded by its practitioners and fans as being outside the mainstream
  • antilock — designed to prevent skidding and improve control by sensing and compensating for overbraking

9 letter words ending with ock

  • anti-lock — designating or of an automotive braking system that prevents the wheels from locking during a sudden stop
  • antiknock — a compound, such as lead tetraethyl, added to petrol to reduce knocking in the engine
  • antishock — designed to reduce the force of impact
  • backblock — (Australia, New Zealand, usually, in the plural) A residential area remote from major cities and lacking conveniences common in urban areas.
  • basestock — Refined petroleum oil with no additives.

10 letter words ending with ock

  • aftershock — Aftershocks are smaller earthquakes which occur after a large earthquake.
  • alarmclock — Misspelling of alarm clock.
  • alpenstock — an early form of ice axe, consisting of a stout stick with an iron tip and sometimes having a pick and adze at the head, formerly used by mountain climbers
  • anti-knock — An anti-knock agent helps to stop an engine from knocking, making it function more smoothly.
  • bloodstock — Horses that are bred for racing are referred to as bloodstock.

11 letter words ending with ock

  • breechblock — a metal block in breech-loading firearms that is withdrawn to insert the cartridge and replaced to close the breech before firing
  • chockablock — pulled so tight as to have the blocks touching
  • cinderblock — Made of cinder blocks.
  • double-lock — to lock with two turns of a key, so that a second bolt is engaged.
  • gazingstock — (archaic) An object, event or person that is stared at (or gazed at) by many people.

12 letter words ending with ock

  • breeze-block — A breeze-block is a large, grey brick made from ashes and cement.
  • electroshock — Of or relating to medical treatment by means of electric shocks.
  • four-o'clock — a common garden plant, Mirabilis jalapa, of the four-o'clock family, having tubular red, white, yellow, or variegated flowers that open late in the afternoon.
  • lady's-smock — a N temperate plant, Cardamine pratensis, with white or rose-pink flowers: family Brassicaceae (crucifers)
  • rappahannock — a river flowing SE from N Virginia into the Chesapeake Bay: Civil War battle 1863. 185 miles (300 km) long.

13 letter words ending with ock

  • basement-rock — the undifferentiated assemblage of rock (basement rock) underlying the oldest stratified rocks in any region: usually crystalline, metamorphosed, and mostly, but not necessarily, Precambrian in age.
  • chock-a-block — A place that is chock-a-block is very full of people, things, or vehicles.
  • cross-buttock — a wrestling throw in which the hips are used as a fulcrum to throw an opponent
  • floutingstock — a laughing-stock; the object of mockery or flouting
  • laughingstock — an object of ridicule; the butt of a joke or the like: His ineptness as a public official made him the laughingstock of the whole town.

14 letter words ending with ock

  • mounting-block — a block of stone formerly used to aid a person when mounting a horse
  • sounding-block — a small block of wood for rapping with a gavel.

15 letter words ending with ock

  • knock-for-knock — designating an agreement between vehicle insurers that in the event of an accident each will pay for the damage to the vehicle insured with him or her without attempting to establish blame for the accident
  • round-the-clock — around-the-clock.

16 letter words ending with ock

  • around-the-clock — all day and all night
  • cock-of-the-rock — either of two tropical South American birds, Rupicola rupicola or R. peruviana, having an erectile crest and (in the male) a brilliant red or orange plumage: family Cotingidae (cotingas)

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