Words ending with nner

5 letter words ending with nner

  • inner — situated within or farther within; interior: an inner door.

6 letter words ending with nner

  • banner — A banner is a long strip of cloth with something written on it. Banners are usually attached to two poles and carried during a protest or rally.
  • canner — a person or organization whose job is to can foods
  • conner — A marine European fish (Crenilabrus melops); also, the related American cunner.
  • cunner — a fish (Crenilabrus melops) of the wrasse family found in British coastal areas
  • dinner — the main meal of the day, eaten in the evening or at midday.

7 letter words ending with nner

  • -tonner — weighing a specified number of tons
  • aginner — someone who is against something
  • branner — a person or machine that cleans metal plates using bran
  • brunner — Emil [ey-meel] /ˈeɪ mil/ (Show IPA), 1889–1966, Swiss Protestant theologian.
  • channer — a mumble or murmur

8 letter words ending with nner

  • beginner — A beginner is someone who has just started learning to do something and cannot do it very well yet.
  • cowinner — one of a number of winners
  • japanner — any of various hard, durable, black varnishes, originally from Japan, for coating wood, metal, or other surfaces.
  • thronner — a person who is good at doing odd jobs
  • false beginner — a language student who has some knowledge of a language, but who needs to start again from the beginning

9 letter words ending with nner

  • c-spanner — a sickle-shaped spanner having a projection at the end of the curve, used for turning large narrow nuts that have an indentation into which the projection on the spanner fits
  • co-winner — one of two or more joint winners.
  • gunrunner — A person engaged in the illegal sale or importing of firearms.
  • nonrunner — a person who does not run regularly or train in the manner of an athlete or professional runner
  • outrunner — a person or thing that runs ahead or outside.

10 letter words ending with nner

  • baserunner — a baseball player in the act of running around bases
  • caravanner — someone who uses a caravan
  • catskinner — an operator of a vehicle or machine with caterpillar treads.
  • deadpanner — a person who has a deliberately emotionless face
  • forerunner — predecessor; ancestor; forebear; precursor.

11 letter words ending with nner

  • breadwinner — The breadwinner in a family is the person in it who earns the money that the family needs for essential things.
  • frontrunner — a person who leads in any competition.
  • muleskinner — (slang)A mule driver.
  • paraplanner — a person who assists a financial planner, esp in compiling reports and conducting research
  • prizewinner — a person or thing that wins a prize or is deserving of a prize.

12 letter words ending with nner

  • after-dinner — immediately following dinner: an after-dinner speech.
  • award-winner — person or thing that wins an award
  • front-runner — In a competition or contest, the front-runner is the person who seems most likely to win it.
  • match-winner — a player who wins a sports match for his or her team, for example by scoring a goal
  • medal-winner — a person who has won a medal or medals

13 letter words ending with nner

  • money-spinner — If you say that something is a money-spinner, you mean that it earns a lot of money for someone.
  • scintiscanner — a device that records the distribution and intensity of an internally administered radiopharmaceutical, producing a scintigram.

15 letter words ending with nner

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