Words ending with ndy

4 letter words ending with ndy

  • andy — a male given name, form of Andrew.
  • indy — Vincent [van-sahn] /vɛ̃ˈsɑ̃/ (Show IPA), 1851–1931, French composer.
  • de indy — Vincent [van-sahn] /vɛ̃ˈsɑ̃/ (Show IPA), 1851–1931, French composer.

5 letter words ending with ndy

  • bandy — If you bandy words with someone, you argue with them.
  • bendy — A bendy object bends easily into a curved or angled shape.
  • bundy — a time clock
  • candy — Candy is sweet foods such as toffees or chocolate.
  • cindy — a female given name, form of Cynthia.

6 letter words ending with ndy

  • brandy — Brandy is a strong alcoholic drink. It is often drunk after a meal.
  • d'indy — (Paul Marie Theodore) Vincent (vɛ̃sɑ̃). 1851–1931, French composer. His works include operas, chamber music, and the Symphony on a French Mountaineer's Song (1866)
  • grundyMrs. a narrow-minded, conventional person who is extremely critical of any breach of propriety.
  • maundy — the ceremony of washing the feet of the poor, especially commemorating Jesus' washing of His disciples' feet on Maundy Thursday.
  • shandy — a mixture of beer and lemonade.

7 letter words ending with ndy

  • almondy — containing or resembling almond
  • friendy — Friendly.
  • organdy — a fine, thin cotton fabric usually having a durable crisp finish, white, dyed, or printed: used for blouses, dresses, curtains, trimmings, etc.
  • ormandyEugene, 1899–1985, U.S. conductor and violinist, born in Hungary.
  • sebundy — a militia

8 letter words ending with ndy

  • burgundy — Burgundy is used to describe things that are purplish-red in colour.
  • discandy — to melt or dissolve
  • jimdandy — (dated, slang) A fine or excellent person; a crackerjack.
  • normandy — a region in N France along the English Channel: invaded and settled by Scandinavians in the 10th century, becoming a duchy in a.d. 911; later a province, the capital of which was Rouen; Allied invasion in World War II began here June 6, 1944.
  • untrendy — not trendy or fashionable; outdated

9 letter words ending with ndy

  • jim-dandy — of superior quality; excellent: a jim-dandy sports car.
  • zsigmondy — Richard [rikh-ahrt] /ˈrɪx ɑrt/ (Show IPA), 1865–1929, German chemist, born in Austria: Nobel prize 1925.

10 letter words ending with ndy

  • cornbrandy — any of various alcoholic spirits made from grain, esp whisky
  • handy-andy — a handyman.
  • qaraghandy — a city in central Kazakhstan.
  • rock-candy — sugar in large, hard, cohering crystals.

11 letter words ending with ndy

  • bandy-bandy — a small Australian elapid snake, Vermicella annulata, ringed with black and yellow
  • handy-dandy — handy (def 2).
  • sugar-candy — excessively sweet; saccharine: sugar-candy stories in family magazines.

12 letter words ending with ndy

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