Words that end in m14

Unfortunately we didn’t found any matching words.
Maybe these words will be useful:
  • m1 — a semiautomatic, gas-operated, .30 caliber, clip-fed rifle, with a weight of 8.56 pounds (3.88 kg): the standard U.S. Army rifle in World War II and in the Korean War.
  • som1 — someone
  • dubnium — a superheavy, synthetic, radioactive element with a very short half-life. Symbol: Db; atomic number: 105.
  • spectrum — ZX Spectrum
  • reacclaim — to acclaim again
  • superpremium — a prize, bonus, or award given as an inducement, as to purchase products, enter competitions initiated by business interests, etc.
  • apoplectiform — of or resembling apoplexy or stroke.
  • ophthalmia neonatorum — inflammation of the eyes of a newborn child due to an infectious disease, as gonorrhea, contracted during birth from the infected mother.