Words ending with los

3 letter words ending with los

  • los — approval

4 letter words ending with los

  • clos — Common LISP Object System
  • glos — Graphics Language Object System.
  • tlos — Trades Labor Occupational Study
  • le clos — Chad. born 1992, South African swimmer; won gold in the 200m butterfly at the 2012 Olympics
  • tiny clos — A core part of Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) ported to Scheme and rebuilt using a MOP (Metaobject Protocol). This should be interesting to those who want to use MOPs without using a full Common Lisp or Dylan. The first release works with MIT Scheme 11.74.

5 letter words ending with los

  • aulos — an ancient Greek woodwind instrument with a double reed, similar to an oboe
  • delos — a Greek island in the SW Aegean Sea, in the Cyclades: a commercial centre in ancient times; the legendary birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Area: about 5 sq km (2 sq miles)
  • dolos — a knucklebone of a sheep, buck, etc, used esp by diviners
  • halos — Plural form of halo.
  • helos — helicopter.

6 letter words ending with los

  • anglos — Plural form of anglo.
  • byblos — a major Phoenician city of the second millennium bc, in modern Lebanon
  • carlos — Don. full name Carlos María Isidro de Borbón. 1788–1855, second son of Charles IV: pretender to the Spanish throne and leader of the Carlists
  • cellos — Plural form of cello.
  • hallos — Plural form of hallo.

7 letter words ending with los

  • ampelos — a satyr who was placed among the stars by Dionysus.
  • diablos — Plural form of diablo.
  • gigolos — Plural form of gigolo.
  • lenclosAnne [ahn,, an] /ɑn,, an/ (Show IPA), (Ninon de Lenclos) 1620–1705? French courtesan and wit.
  • morelos — a state in S central Mexico. 1916 sq. mi. (4960 sq. km). Capital: Cuernavaca.

8 letter words ending with los

  • bunuelos — a thin, round, fried pastry, often dusted with cinnamon sugar.
  • cattalos — Plural form of cattalo.
  • criollos — Plural form of criollo.
  • diabolos — Plural form of diabolo.
  • kephalos — Cephalus.

9 letter words ending with los

  • apostolos — a book containing parts of the Epistles and parts of the Acts of the Apostles.
  • aryballos — a small narrow-necked vessel or bottle shaped like a sphere, used in ancient Greece to store oil or perfume
  • caudillos — Plural form of caudillo.
  • ocotillos — Plural form of ocotillo.
  • peribolos — a colonnade or wall surrounding a Classical temple

10 letter words ending with los

11 letter words ending with los

  • mitropoulos — Dimitri [dih-mee-tree;; Greek th ee-mee-tree] /dɪˈmi tri;; Greek ðiˈmi tri/ (Show IPA), 1897–1960, Greek symphony orchestra conductor in the U.S.
  • pentastylos — a pentastyle building, as a classical temple.

12 letter words ending with los

  • antigropelos — waterproof leggings used to protect against mud
  • dodecastylos — a dodecastyle building, as a classical temple.
  • papadopoulosGeorge, 1919–99, Greek military leader and dictator (1967–74).

14 letter words ending with los

  • theotocopoulos — Domenikos [th aw-men-ee-kaws] /ðɔˈmɛn i kɔs/ (Show IPA), El Greco.

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