Words ending with log

3 letter words ending with log

  • log — Mathematics. logarithm.
  • air log — Aeronautics. a device for recording the distance traveled by an aircraft, relative to the air through which it moves.
  • chip log — a log for determining a vessel's speed, consisting of a wooden chip tossed overboard at the end of a line that is marked off in lengths of 47 feet 3 inches; the speed is calculated by counting the number of such intervals that pass overboard in a 28-second interval
  • deck log — a log filled in by the officer of the watch at the end of each watch, giving details of weather, navigation, unusual happenings, etc.
  • dutchman's log — a method of gauging a ship's speed, in which the distance between two shipboard observation stations is divided by the time elapsing between the throwing overboard of an object by the first station and the sighting of it by the second.

4 letter words ending with log

  • -log — -logue
  • blog — a journal or diary written for public viewing on a website and consisting typically of personal reflections, commentary on current events, etc. arranged chronologically
  • clog — When something clogs a hole or place, it blocks it so that nothing can pass through.
  • flog — to beat with a whip, stick, etc., especially as punishment; whip; scourge.
  • qlog — A version of Prolog implemented in Lisp which allows Prolog programs to call Lisp and vice versa.

5 letter words ending with log

  • adlog — (language)   A language which adds a Prolog layer to Ada.
  • colog — cologarithm
  • eqlog — Equality, types and generic modules for logic programming. A language using Horn clauses. J.A. Goguen, J. Meseguer.
  • hilog — A higher-order logic programming language. An extension of normal logic programming where predicate symbols may be variable or structured. This allows unification to be performed on the predicate symbols themselves in addition to their arguments.
  • oblog — (language)   A small, portable, Object-oriented extension to Prolog by Margaret McDougall of EdCAAD, Dept Arch, University of Edinburgh.

6 letter words ending with log

  • analog — Analog technology involves measuring, storing, or recording an infinitely variable amount of information by using physical quantities such as voltage.
  • applog — (language)   A language which unifies logic programming and functional programming.
  • beclog — to clog (something) up, to block thoroughly
  • dialog — dialogue
  • epilog — Alternative spelling of epilogue.

7 letter words ending with log

  • antilog — antilogarithm
  • backlog — A backlog is a number of things which have not yet been done but which need to be done.
  • catalog — A catalog is a list of things such as the goods you can buy from a particular company, the objects in a museum, or the books in a library.
  • homolog — something homologous.
  • log-log — the logarithm of a logarithm.

8 letter words ending with log

  • c-prolog — (language, Prolog)   An implementation of Prolog in C, developed by F. Pereira <[email protected]> et al in July 1982. It had no garbage collection. It is not in the public domain.
  • d-prolog — (language)   A version of Prolog extended with defeasible reasoning.
  • footslog — to go on foot through or as if through mud.
  • liveblog — a blog containing entries about an event that are written and posted while the event is taking place.
  • m-prolog — 1. Marseille Prolog. 2. An extension to Prolog involving modules.

9 letter words ending with log

  • binprolog — (language)   Probably the fastest freely available C-emulated Prolog. BinProlog features: logical and permanent global variables; backtrackable destructive assignment; circular term unification; extended DCGs (now built into the engine as "invisible grammars"); intuitionistic and linear implication based hypothetical reasoning; a Tcl/Tk interface. Version 3.30 runs on SPARC/Solaris 2.x, SunOS 4.x; DEC Alpha 64-bit version; DEC MIPS; SGI MIPS; 68k - NeXT, Sun-3; IBM RS6000; HP PA-RISC (two variants); Intel 80386, Intel 486/Linux, MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows 3.1 (with DOS-extender go32 v1.10). E-mail: Paul Tarau <[email protected]>.
  • changelog — (computing) A log that records changes between versions, as in source control.
  • cs-prolog — Distributed logic language. "CS-Prolog on Multi-Transputer Systems", I. Futo et al, Microprocessors & Microsystems, March 1989.
  • ic-prolog — Clark & McCabe, Imperial College 1979. Logic language with coroutining.
  • lm-prolog — Lisp Machine Prolog. A Prolog interpreter in Zetalisp for the Lisp Machine developed by Ken Kahn and Mats Carlsson in 1983.

10 letter words ending with log

  • miscatalog — to enter in a catalogue incorrectly
  • objvprolog — Logic programming and object-orientation, an adaptation of the ObjVlisp model to Prolog.
  • pnu-prolog — A parallel extension of NU-Prolog, implemented as a preproccessor.
  • swi-prolog — (programming)   A Prolog by Jan Wielemaker <[email protected]> like a superset of Edinburgh Prolog. Version 1.7.2. Docking Station is distributed under General Public License. It runs on Sun-4, Sun-3, Linux, DEC MIPS (incomplete), RS/6000, PS2/AIX, Atari ST, Gould PN, NeXT, VAX, HP-UX (problems), MS-DOS, and OS/2. Mailing list: [email protected]

11 letter words ending with log

  • ecrc-prolog — Evidently Prolog with coroutine extensions. See also SEPIA.
  • typedprolog — (language)   A strongly typed logic programming language.

12 letter words ending with log

  • delta-prolog — A Prolog extension with AND-parallelism, don't-know nondeterminism and interprocess communication using synchronous event goals and distributed backtracking.

13 letter words ending with log

  • modula-prolog — Adds a Prolog layer to Modula-2. "Modula-Prolog: A Software Development Tool", C. Muller IEEE Software pp.39-45 (Nov 1986).

14 letter words ending with log

15 letter words ending with log

  • multi-binprolog — (language)   A multi-threaded Linda-style parallel extension to BinProlog for Solaris 2.3. Version: 3.30.

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