15-letter words that end in ll

  • abyssinian well — a perforated pipe driven into the ground for pumping out collected ground water; wellpoint.
  • banqueting hall — a large building or room used for feasts
  • be just as well — If you say that something that has happened is just as well, you mean that it is fortunate that it happened in the way it did.
  • california gull — a large gull, Larus californicus, of the western U.S.
  • california roll — a sushi roll containing avocado, cucumber, and crabmeat, or imitation crabmeat, wrapped in vinegared rice and seaweed.
  • canterbury bell — a campanulaceous biennial European plant, Campanula medium, widely cultivated for its blue, violet, or white flowers
  • conference call — A conference call is a phone call in which more than two people take part.
  • convection cell — a distinct volume of circulating fluid, in a fluid medium under gravity, that is heated from below and cooled from above: usually found in large groupings.
  • do oneself well — to achieve success for oneself
  • dressed to kill — woman: in stylish clothes
  • exhibition hall — a hall in which pictures, sculptures, or other objects of interest are displayed
  • eye-level grill — a grill that is at eye level
  • fight city hall — to take up the apparently futile fight against petty or impersonal bureaucratic authority
  • fly-on-the-wall — A fly-on-the-wall documentary is made by filming people as they do the things they normally do, rather than by interviewing them or asking them to talk directly to the camera.
  • for good or ill — If you say that something is happening or will happen for good or ill, you mean that it is out of anyone's control whether it happens and what its effects will be.
  • franklin's gull — a black-headed North American gull, Larus pipixcan, feeding chiefly on insects.
  • gaelic football — an Irish game played with 15 players on each side and goals resembling rugby posts with a net on the bottom part. Players are allowed to kick, punch, and bounce the ball and attempt to get it over the bar or in the net
  • george marshallAlfred, 1842–1924, English economist.
  • go through hell — If you go through hell, or if someone puts you through hell, you have a very difficult or unpleasant time.
  • heads will roll — If you say that heads will roll as a result of something bad that has happened, you mean that people will be punished for it, especially by losing their jobs.
  • heath speedwell — a temperate scrophulariaceous plant, Veronica officinalis, having small blue or pinkish white flowers
  • horizontal well — A horizontal well is a well which has sections that have been drilled at more than 80 degrees from the vertical in order to penetrate a greater length of the reservoir.
  • horned oak gall — a small, round tumor, formed around wasp eggs laid in the branches of a pin oak tree, that disrupts the flow of nutrients to the tree, with consequent defoliation and death.
  • indoor baseball — softball played indoors.
  • league football — rugby league football
  • length over all — Nautical. the entire length of a vessel, measured from the foremost point of the bow to the aftermost point of the stern.
  • microsporophyll — a leaflike organ bearing microsporangia.
  • oliver cromwellOliver, 1599–1658, English general, Puritan statesman, and Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland 1653–58.
  • pedestrian mall — A pedestrian mall is the same as a pedestrian precinct.
  • pneumatic drill — a percussive power drill powered by compressed air
  • ride for a fall — to sit on and manage a horse or other animal in motion; be carried on the back of an animal.
  • rod pumped well — A rod pumped well is a well with a nodding donkey to remove fluid mechanically.
  • run of the mill — merely average; commonplace; mediocre: just a plain, run-of-the-mill house; a run-of-the-mill performance.
  • run-of-the-mill — merely average; commonplace; mediocre: just a plain, run-of-the-mill house; a run-of-the-mill performance.
  • siberian squill — a bulbous, Eurasian plant, Scilla siberica, of the lily family, having nodding, deep blue flowers.
  • sound as a bell — in perfect condition
  • subsidiary cell — Immunology. any of various cells of the immune system that work with T or B cells to initiate a specific immune response.
  • to fit the bill — If you say that someone or something fits the bill or fills the bill, you mean that they are suitable for a particular job or purpose.

On this page, we collect all 15-letter words ending in LL. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 15-letter word that ends in LL to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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