Words ending with ius

3 letter words ending with ius

  • ius — intrauterine system; a hormonal contraceptive coil, such as Mirena, that carries a supply of progestogen, which is released in small amounts over a period of three to five years

4 letter words ending with ius

  • pius — (Eugenio Pacelli) 1876–1958, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1939–58.
  • antoninus pius — 86–161 ad, emperor of Rome (138–161); adopted son and successor of Hadrian
  • saint piusSaint (Giuseppe Sarto) 1835–1914, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1903–14.

5 letter words ending with ius

  • arius — ?250–336 ad, Greek Christian theologian, originator of the doctrine of Arianism
  • caiusSaint, died a.d. 296, pope 283–296.
  • crius — a Titan, the son of Uranus and Gaea.
  • gaius — a.d. c110–c180, Roman jurist and writer, especially on civil law.
  • laius — a king of Thebes, the husband of Jocasta and father of Oedipus: unwittingly killed by Oedipus.

6 letter words ending with ius

  • acciusLucius, c170–c90 b.c, Roman poet and prose writer.
  • agrius — one of the Gigantes.
  • attiusLucius, Accius, Lucius.
  • darius — (Codomannus) died 330 b.c, king of Persia 336–330.
  • decius — (Gaius Messius Quintus Trajanus Decius) a.d. c201–251, emperor of Rome 249–251.

7 letter words ending with ius

  • amulius — a son of Proca who revolted against his brother Numitor and seized the throne of Alba Longa.
  • bergius — Friedrich (Karl Rudolph) (ˈfriːdrɪç). 1884– 1949, German chemist, who invented a process for producing oil by high-pressure hydrogenation of coal: Nobel prize for chemistry 1931
  • byrgius — a crater in the third quadrant of the face of the moon: about 40 miles (64 km) in diameter.
  • cassius — a male given name.
  • celsius — Celsius is a scale for measuring temperature, in which water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100 degrees. It is represented by the symbol °C.

8 letter words ending with ius

  • aloysius — Saint. full name Aloysius Luigi Gonzaga. 1568–91, Italian Jesuit who died nursing plague victims; the patron saint of youth. Feast day: June 21
  • antonius — Marcus (ˈmɑːkəs)
  • apuleius — Lucius (ˈluːsɪəs). 2nd century ad, Roman writer, noted for his romance The Golden Ass
  • aquarius — Aquarius is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Its symbol is a person pouring water. People who are born approximately between 20th January and 18th February come under this sign.
  • arcesius — a son of Zeus and Euryodia, father of Laertes, and grandfather of Odysseus.

9 letter words ending with ius

  • ansgarius — Latin name of Ansgar.
  • arrhenius — Svante August (ˈsvantə ˈauɡʊst). 1859–1927, Swedish chemist and physicist, noted for his work on the theory of electrolytic dissociation: Nobel prize for chemistry 1903
  • asclepius — a god of healing; son of Apollo
  • bathybius — a gelatinous substance discovered on the Atlantic seabed, originally thought to be protoplasm, but later discovered to be inorganic
  • berzelius — Baron Jöns Jakob (ˈjœns ˈjɑːkɔp). 1779–1848, Swedish chemist, who invented the present system of chemical symbols and formulas, discovered several elements, and determined the atomic and molecular weight of many substances

10 letter words ending with ius

  • athanasius — Saint. ?296–373 ad, patriarch of Alexandria who championed Christian orthodoxy against Arianism. Feast day: May 2
  • belisarius — ?505–565 ad, Byzantine general under Justinian I. He recovered North Africa from the Vandals and Italy from the Ostrogoths and led forces against the Persians
  • frumentiusSaint, a.d. c300–c380, founder of the Ethiopian Church.
  • guarnerius — a violin made by Guarneri or by a member of his family.
  • laurentiusSaint, Lawrence, Saint.

11 letter words ending with ius

12 letter words ending with ius

  • antibacchius — a metrical foot consisting of three syllables, of which the first two are long and the third is short
  • circumradius — the radius of the circle circumscribed around a triangle.
  • fracastorius — a walled plain in the fourth quadrant of the face of the moon: about 60 miles (97 km) in diameter.
  • stradivarius — a violin or other instrument made by Stradivari or his family.

13 letter words ending with ius

  • gastrocnemius — the largest muscle in the calf of the leg, the action of which extends the foot, raises the heel, and assists in bending the knee.
  • index expurgatorius — a list of books now included in the Index Librorum Prohibitorum, forbidden to be read except from expurgated editions.

15 letter words ending with ius

  • protospatharius — (of the Byzantine empire) a high-ranking official in the imperial guard

16 letter words ending with ius

  • ichthyophthirius — ich.
  • pseudo-dionysius — flourished c4th or 5th century a.d, author of a number of mystical works: identified, during the Middle Ages, with Dionysius the Areopagite.

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