Words ending with it

2 letter words ending with it

  • it — sweet vermouth: gin and it.
  • ace it — a playing card or die marked with or having the value indicated by a single spot: He dealt me four aces in the first hand.
  • as luck would have it — fortunately
  • as you like it — a comedy (1599?) by Shakespeare.
  • ask for it — to put a question to; inquire of: I asked him but he didn't answer.

3 letter words ending with it

  • ait — an islet, esp in a river
  • bit — A bit of something is a small part or section of it.
  • cit — a town dweller
  • dit — an echoic word, the referent of which is a click or brief tone interval, used to designate the dot of Morse code, International Morse code, etc.
  • fit — adapted or suited; appropriate: This water isn't fit for drinking. A long-necked giraffe is fit for browsing treetops.

4 letter words ending with it

  • abit — a small piece or quantity of anything: a bit of string.
  • adit — an almost horizontal shaft into a mine, for access or drainage
  • agit — shake or stir
  • alit — alight1
  • bait — Bait is food which you put on a hook or in a trap in order to catch fish or animals.

5 letter words ending with it

  • admit — If you admit that something bad, unpleasant, or embarrassing is true, you agree, often unwillingly, that it is true.
  • afrit — afreet
  • ambit — The ambit of something is its range or extent.
  • amrit — a sanctified solution of sugar and water used in the Amrit Ceremony
  • audit — When an accountant audits an organization's accounts, he or she examines the accounts officially in order to make sure that they have been done correctly.

6 letter words ending with it

  • acquit — If someone is acquitted of a crime in a court of law, they are formally declared not to have committed the crime.
  • adroit — Someone who is adroit is quick and skilful in their thoughts, behaviour, or actions.
  • albeit — You use albeit to introduce a fact or comment which reduces the force or significance of what you have just said.
  • armpit — Your armpits are the areas of your body under your arms where your arms join your shoulders.
  • ashpit — a receptacle in the bottom of a fireplace, under a barbecue, or the like, for the accumulation of ashes.

7 letter words ending with it

  • adhibit — to administer or apply
  • akvavit — aquavit
  • aquavit — a grain- or potato-based spirit from the Scandinavian countries, flavoured with aromatic seeds and spices, esp caraway
  • ash-pit — a receptacle in the bottom of a fireplace, under a barbecue, or the like, for the accumulation of ashes.
  • babysit — If you babysit for someone or babysit their children, you look after their children while they are out.

8 letter words ending with it

  • accredit — If an educational qualification or institution is accredited, it is officially declared to be of an approved standard.
  • baby-sit — to act or work as a baby-sitter
  • bodysuit — A bodysuit is a piece of women's clothing that fits tightly over the top part of the body and fastens between the legs.
  • bowsprit — a spar projecting from the bow of a vessel, esp a sailing vessel, used to carry the headstay as far forward as possible
  • bullshit — If you say that something is bullshit, you are saying that it is nonsense or completely untrue.

9 letter words ending with it

  • affidavit — An affidavit is a written statement which you swear is true and which may be used as evidence in a court of law.
  • ant-pipit — gnateater.
  • assumpsit — (before 1875) an action to recover damages for breach of an express or implied contract or agreement that was not under seal
  • candlelit — A candlelit room or table is lit by the light of candles.
  • clickbait — a sensationalized headline or piece of text on the Internet designed to entice people to follow a link to an article on another web page.

10 letter words ending with it

  • bel-esprit — a person of great wit or intellect.
  • berryfruit — any edible berry such as a raspberry, boysenberry, blackcurrant, or strawberry
  • borrow-pit — a pit from which construction material, as sand or gravel, is taken for use as fill at another location.
  • breadfruit — Breadfruit are large round fruit that grow on trees in the Pacific Islands and in tropical parts of America and that, when baked, look and feel like bread.
  • cable-knit — knitted using the cable stitch

11 letter words ending with it

  • chickenshit — If you say that someone or something is chickenshit, you mean that they are worthless.
  • counterfeit — Counterfeit money, goods, or documents are not genuine, but have been made to look exactly like genuine ones in order to deceive people.
  • countersuit — a legal claim made as a reaction to a claim made against one
  • cuckoo-spit — Also called frog spit. a frothy secretion found on plants, exuded by the young of certain insects, as the froghoppers, and serving as a protective covering.
  • devil's-bit — an eastern North American plant, Chamaelirium luteum, of the lily family, having a dense, drooping spike of small white flowers.

12 letter words ending with it

  • chicken-shit — boring or annoying details or unimportant tasks.
  • cost-benefit — denoting or relating to a method of assessing a project that takes into account its costs and its benefits to society as well as the revenue it generates
  • double-digit — of or denoting a percentage greater than ten.
  • micro-credit — the lending of very small amounts of money at low interest, especially to a start-up company or self-employed person.
  • microcircuit — Electronics. integrated circuit.

13 letter words ending with it

  • circular-knit — noting, pertaining to, or made of a fabric made by circular knitting.
  • gemutlichkeit — warm cordiality; comfortable friendliness; congeniality.
  • lickety-split — at great speed; rapidly: to travel lickety-split.
  • orchestra-pit — a group of performers on various musical instruments, including especially stringed instruments of the viol class, clarinets and flutes, cornets and trombones, drums, and cymbals, for playing music, as symphonies, operas, popular music, or other compositions.
  • self-portrait — a portrait of oneself done by oneself.

14 letter words ending with it

  • conniption-fit — Often, conniptions. Informal. a fit of hysterical excitement or anger.
  • florida-strait — a state in the SE United States between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. 58,560 sq. mi. (151,670 sq. km). Capital: Tallahassee. Abbreviation: FL (for use with zip code), Fla.
  • gemuetlichkeit — warm cordiality; comfortable friendliness; congeniality.
  • git-up-and-git — get-up-and-go.
  • not-for-profit — nonprofit.

15 letter words ending with it

  • defined-benefit — denoting an occupational pension scheme that guarantees a specified payout, usually based on an employee's final salary and years of service
  • schrecklichkeit — frightfulness; horror.

18 letter words ending with it

  • jack-in-the-pulpit — A North American plant, Arisaema triphyllum, of the arum family, having an upright spadix arched over by a green or striped purplish-brown spathe.

27 letter words ending with it

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