Words ending with isto

5 letter words ending with isto

  • bisto — a preparation for thickening, flavouring, and browning gravy
  • bollito misto — an Italian dish of mixed meats, as beef, chicken, sausage, and veal, simmered with vegetables and seasonings in broth.
  • fritto misto — small pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables dipped in batter and deep-fried.

6 letter words ending with isto

  • aristo — an aristocrat
  • count of monte cristo — a novel (1844–45) by Alexandre Dumas père.
  • monte cristo — a sandwich containing slices of ham, chicken, and Swiss cheese, dipped in beaten egg and fried until brown.
  • sangre de cristo — a mountain range in S Colorado and N New Mexico: a part of the Rocky Mountains. Highest peak, Blanca Peak, 14,390 feet (4385 meters).

7 letter words ending with isto

  • christo — full name Christo Javacheff. born 1935, US artist, born in Bulgaria; best known for works in which he wraps buildings, monuments, or natural features in canvas or plastic

8 letter words ending with isto

  • callisto — a nymph who attracted the love of Zeus and was changed into a bear by Hera. Zeus then set her in the sky as the constellation Ursa Major
  • kallisto — Callisto (def 1).
  • mephisto — Medieval Demonology. one of the seven chief devils and the tempter of Faust.

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