Words ending with ino

3 letter words ending with ino

  • ino — a sea goddess who rescued Odysseus from drowning by giving him a magic veil.

4 letter words ending with ino

  • dino — (informal) dinosaur.
  • fino — a pale, very dry sherry of Spain.
  • gino — a male given name.
  • kino — (in Europe) a motion-picture theater; cinema.
  • lino — linoleum.

5 letter words ending with ino

  • amino — of, consisting of, or containing the group of atoms -NH2
  • chino — a durable cotton twill cloth
  • imino — containing the imino group.
  • rhino — a rhinoceros.
  • taino — a member of an extinct Arawakan Indian tribe of the West Indies.

6 letter words ending with ino

  • albino — An albino is a person or animal with very white skin, white hair, and pink eyes.
  • ammino — relating to or characteristic of an ammine
  • aquino — Corazón, known as Cory. 1933–2009, Philippine stateswoman: president (1986–92)
  • arpino — Gerald (Peter) 1928–2008, U.S. choreographer.
  • arsino — having or comprising the radical AsH2

7 letter words ending with ino

  • amorino — a putto represented as an infant cupid.
  • aretino — Pietro (ˈpjɛːtro). 1492–1556, Italian satirist, poet, and dramatist, noted for his satirical attacks on leading political figures
  • bambino — a young child, esp an Italian one
  • calvino — Italo. 1923–85, Italian novelist and short-story writer. His works include Our Ancestors (1960) and Invisible Cities (1972)
  • cassino — a card game for two to four players in which players pair cards from their hands with others exposed on the table

8 letter words ending with ino

  • babycino — a drink of frothy milk with a chocolate topping, designed as an alternative to coffee for young children
  • borodino — a village in E central Russia, about 110 km (70 miles) west of Moscow: scene of a battle (1812) in which Napoleon defeated the Russians but irreparably weakened his army
  • bronzino — Il, real name Agnolo di Cosimo. 1503–72, Florentine mannerist painter
  • cioppino — an Italian rich fish stew
  • crostino — piece of toasted bread served with a savoury topping

9 letter words ending with ino

  • andantino — (to be performed) slightly faster, or slightly more slowly, than andante
  • bardolino — a light dry red wine produced around Verona in NE Italy
  • campesino — a Latin American rural peasant
  • carbamino — relating to the compound produced when carbon dioxide reacts with an amino group
  • contadino — (in Italy) a male farmer or peasant

10 letter words ending with ino

  • cappuccino — Cappuccino is coffee which is made using milk and has froth and sometimes powdered chocolate on top.
  • concertino — the small group of soloists in a concerto grosso
  • cornettino — a small woodwind instrument of the cornett family that was popular in northern Europe in the 15th century
  • diazoamino — denoting or of a diazo compound containing the group N:N·NH
  • e-neutrino — electron-neutrino.

11 letter words ending with ino

12 letter words ending with ino

  • antineutrino — the antiparticle of a neutrino; a particle having oppositely directed spin to a neutrino, that is, spin in the direction of its momentum
  • parmigianino — (Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola) 1503–40, Italian painter.

13 letter words ending with ino

  • muon-neutrino — a type of neutrino that obeys a conservation law together with the muon, with the total number of muons and muon-neutrinos minus the total number of their antiparticles remaining constant.

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