Words ending with inic

5 letter words ending with inic

  • dinic — a medicine for vertigo
  • vinic — of, pertaining to, found in, or derived from wine: a vinic odor.

6 letter words ending with inic

  • aminic — relating to or containing an amine
  • clinic — A clinic is a building where people go to receive medical advice or treatment.
  • abortion clinic — a place where abortions are conducted legally by doctors
  • antenatal clinic — a clinic that women attend when they are pregnant so that the medical staff can check that they and the baby are healthy
  • dental clinic — a school clinic in which minor dental work is carried out by dental nurses

7 letter words ending with inic

  • aclinic — not leaning or inclining; unbending
  • actinic — (of radiation) producing a photochemical effect
  • auxinic — containing or relating to auxins
  • dominicSaint, 1170–1221, Spanish priest: founder of the Dominican order.
  • latinic — of or relating to the Latin language or the ancient Latin-speaking peoples.

8 letter words ending with inic

  • aluminic — of or relating to aluminium
  • carminic — Of or pertaining to, or derived from, carmine.
  • cholinic — Relating to, or obtained from, bile; cholic.
  • fulminic — highly explosive; unstable.
  • glucinic — relating to glucinium

9 letter words ending with inic

  • caffeinic — related to or containing caffeine
  • diactinic — able to transmit photochemically active radiation
  • hematinic — a medicine, as a compound of iron, that tends to increase the amount of hematin or hemoglobin in the blood.
  • isoclinic — of or relating to equal direction of inclination; inclining or dipping in the same direction.
  • jacobinic — Of or relating to the Jacobins of France; revolutionary.

10 letter words ending with inic

  • adiactinic — denoting a substance that does not transmit radiation affecting photochemically sensitive materials, such as a safelight in a photographic darkroom
  • baroclinic — of, relating to, or having the property of baroclinity.
  • glutaminic — derived from glutamine
  • haematinic — Alternative form of hematinic.
  • histaminic — Biochemistry, Physiology. a heterocyclic amine, C 5 H 9 N 3 , released by mast cells when tissue is injured or in allergic and inflammatory reactions, causing dilation of small blood vessels and smooth muscle contraction.

11 letter words ending with inic

  • chromatinic — Of or pertaining to chromatin.
  • cinchoninic — relating to cinchonine
  • patriclinic — inherited from the father; more like the father than the mother
  • patroclinic — inherited from the father; more like the father than the mother
  • serpentinic — of, relating to, or containing the mineral serpentine

12 letter words ending with inic

  • photoactinic — emitting radiation having the chemical effects of light and ultraviolet rays, as on a photographic film.

13 letter words ending with inic

14 letter words ending with inic

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