Words ending with ii

2 letter words ending with ii

  • abdul-hamid ii — 1842–1918, sultan of Turkey (1876–1909), deposed by the Young Turks, noted for his brutal suppression of the Armenian revolt (1894–96)
  • abdullah ii — born 1962, King of Jordan from 1999, son of King Hussein
  • adeodatus iiSaint, died a.d. 676, pope 672–676.
  • adrian ii — Italian ecclesiastic: pope a.d. 867–872.
  • aethelred ii — ("Ethelred the Unready") a.d. 968?–1016, king of England 978–1013, 1014–1016.

3 letter words ending with ii

  • mii — 1.   (body)   A consortium of Microsoft, IBM, and Intel. 2.   (storage)   A broadcast component video tape format licensed by Panasonic.
  • nii — National Information Infrastructure
  • adrian iiiSaint, Italian ecclesiastic: pope a.d. 884–885.
  • aga khan iii — 1877–1957, leader of the Ismaʿili sect of Muslims in India 1885–1957.
  • alexander iii — 1241–86, king of Scotland (1249–86), son of Alexander II

4 letter words ending with ii

  • acii — Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • fcii — Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • prii — a brand of hybrid car, one of the first commercially successful, that runs at lower speeds on an electric motor powered by a battery pack, and at higher speeds on a gasoline engine, which can also recharge the battery.
  • veii — an ancient city in central Italy, in Etruria, near Rome: Etruscan city destroyed by the Romans 396 b.c.
  • wwii — World War Two

5 letter words ending with ii

  • aalii — a bushy sapindaceous shrub, Dodonaea viscosa, of Australia, Hawaii, Africa, and tropical America, having small greenish flowers and sticky foliage
  • ascii — American standard code for information interchange: a computer code for representing alphanumeric characters
  • genii — a plural of genius.
  • medii — the middle finger.
  • radii — a plural of radius.

6 letter words ending with ii

  • hawaii — a state of the United States comprising the N Pacific islands of Hawaii, Kahoolawe, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, Niihau, and Oahu: a U.S. territory 1900–59; admitted to the Union 1959. 6424 sq. mi. (16,715 sq. km). Capital: Honolulu. Abbreviation: HI (for use with zip code), Haw.
  • kawaii — (in the context of Japanese popular culture) cute.
  • rpg-ii — Report Program Generator
  • savaii — an island in Western Samoa: largest of the Samoa group. 703 sq. mi. (1821 sq. km).
  • shafii — one of the four schools of Islamic law, founded by al-Shafiʿi.

7 letter words ending with ii

  • bacchii — Plural form of bacchius.
  • denarii — a silver coin and monetary unit of ancient Rome, first issued in the latter part of the 3rd century b.c., that fluctuated in value and sometimes appeared as a bronze coin.
  • falerii — an ancient city of S Italy, in Latium: important in pre-Roman times
  • meta-ii — An early compiler-compiler.
  • nauplii — (in many crustaceans) a larval form with three pairs of appendages and a single median eye, occurring usually as the first stage of development after leaving the egg.

8 letter words ending with ii

  • amppl-ii — Associative Memory Parallel Processing Language
  • helvetii — a Celtic tribe from SW Germany who settled in Helvetia from about 200 bc
  • us-ascii — (character)   The 7-bit version of ASCII, which preceded (and is the basis for) 8-bit versions such as Latin-1, MacASCII and later, even larger coded character sets such as Unicode. US-ASCII is defined in Standard ANSI X3.4-1986, "US-ASCII. Coded Character Set - 7-Bit American Standard Code for Information Interchange".

9 letter words ending with ii

  • octonarii — lines with eight feet
  • prolog-ii — Prolog with two new predicates: "dif" for coroutines and "freeze" for delayed evaluation. Available from ExperIntelligence, Santa Barbara CA.
  • sestertii — sesterces
  • tarquinii — an ancient city of Etruria, in central Italy, NW of Rome: present-day Tarquinia on site.
  • petitio principii — a fallacy in reasoning resulting from the assumption of that which in the beginning was set forth to be proved; begging the question.

10 letter words ending with ii

  • prolog-iii — A. Colmerauer, U Aix-Marseille, ca 1984. Marseille Prolog, with unification replaced by constraint resolution. [deferred goals too?] (Not to be confused with Prolog 3, a commercial product?) Version 1.2 for MS-DOS.
  • a vinculo matrimonii — pertaining to or noting a divorce that absolutely dissolves the marriage bond and releases the spouses from all matrimonial obligations: a divorce a vinculo matrimonii.
  • sinus meridianii — an area on the equator of Mars, appearing as a dark region when viewed telescopically from the earth.
  • vinculum matrimonii — the bond of matrimony.

11 letter words ending with ii

12 letter words ending with ii

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