Words ending with igh

4 letter words ending with igh

  • eigh — Alternative form of eh.
  • high — having a great or considerable extent or reach upward or vertically; lofty; tall: a high wall.
  • nigh — near in space, time, or relation: The time draws nigh.
  • sigh — to let out one's breath audibly, as from sorrow, weariness, or relief.
  • azores high — a subtropical high centered near the Azores.

5 letter words ending with igh

  • -high — -high combines with words such as 'knee' or 'shoulder' to indicate that someone or something reaches as high as the point that is mentioned.
  • ahigh — at a significant height
  • anigh — near, close
  • bligh — William. 1754–1817, British admiral; Governor of New South Wales (1806–9), deposed by the New South Wales Corps: as a captain, commander of H.M.S. Bounty when the crew mutinied in 1789
  • heigh — Expressing encouragement or inquiry.

6 letter words ending with igh

  • abeigh — aloof
  • aweigh — (of an anchor) no longer hooked into the bottom; hanging by its rode
  • besigh — to sigh for or over
  • dreigh — dree.
  • lehigh — a river in E Pennsylvania, flowing SW and SE into the Delaware River. 103 miles (165 km) long.

7 letter words ending with igh

  • inveigh — to protest strongly or attack vehemently with words; rail (usually followed by against): to inveigh against isolationism.
  • raleigh — a state in the SE United States, on the Atlantic coast. 52,586 sq. mi. (136,198 sq. km). Capital: Raleigh. Abbreviation: NC (for use with zip code), N.C.
  • reweigh — to weigh (an object or quantity) again

8 letter words ending with igh

  • ace-high — esteemed; respected
  • burleigh — Burghley
  • corcaigh — a city and port in S Republic of Ireland, county town of Co Cork, at the mouth of the River Lee: seat of the University College of Cork (1849). Pop: 186 239 (2002)
  • outweigh — to exceed in value, importance, influence, etc.: The advantages of the plan outweighed its defects.
  • overhigh — too high

9 letter words ending with igh

  • bobsleigh — A bobsleigh is a vehicle with long thin strips of metal fixed to the bottom, which is used for racing downhill on ice.
  • downweigh — (transitive) To weigh or press down; depress; cause to sink or prevent from rising.
  • eastleigh — a borough in Hampshire, S England.
  • foreweigh — to assess in advance
  • hole-high — (of a ball) lying on a point almost even with the hole.

10 letter words ending with igh

  • thigh-high — extending as high as the thighs.
  • waist-high — extending as high as the waist: a waist-high hedge.

11 letter words ending with igh

  • under-weighunder weigh, Nautical. in motion; under way.

12 letter words ending with igh

13 letter words ending with igh

  • shoulder-high — A shoulder-high object is as high as your shoulders.

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