16-letter words that end in ical

  • anthropometrical — Pertaining to anthropometry.
  • anthroposophical — of or relating to anthroposophy
  • anti-monarchical — of, like, or pertaining to a monarch or monarchy.
  • anti-theoretical — of, relating to, or consisting in theory; not practical (distinguished from applied).
  • autobiographical — An autobiographical piece of writing relates to events in the life of the person who has written it.
  • biotechnological — Biotechnological means relating to biotechnology.
  • characteristical — Also, characteristical. pertaining to, constituting, or indicating the character or peculiar quality of a person or thing; typical; distinctive: Red and gold are the characteristic colors of autumn.
  • cryptozoological — (cryptozoology) Of or pertaining to cryptozoology.
  • deuterocanonical — of or constituting a second or subsequent canon; specif., designating certain Biblical books accepted as canonical in the Roman Catholic Church, but held by Protestants to be apocryphal
  • ecotoxicological — Of or pertaining to ecotoxicology.
  • geochronological — Of or pertaining to geochronology.
  • geomorphological — Of or pertaining to geomorphology.
  • hermaphroditical — Alternative form of hermaphroditic.
  • metamathematical — Pertaining to metamathematics, a branch of mathematics dealing with mathematical systems and their nature.
  • mission-critical — essential for a project to launch
  • nature-identical — manufactured to be identical to a natural substance
  • non-alphabetical — in the order of the letters of the alphabet: alphabetical arrangement.
  • non-genealogical — the study of family ancestries and histories.
  • non-geographical — of or relating to geography.
  • non-hierarchical — of, belonging to, or characteristic of a hierarchy.
  • non-metaphysical — pertaining to or of the nature of metaphysics.
  • nonphysiological — of or relating to physiology.
  • ophthalmological — Pertaining to ophthalmology.
  • phantasmagorical — having a fantastic or deceptive appearance, as something in a dream or created by the imagination.
  • phenomenological — the study of phenomena.
  • pseudo-political — of, relating to, or concerned with politics: political writers.
  • pseudohistorical — of, pertaining to, treating, or characteristic of history or past events: historical records; historical research.
  • psychoanalytical — a systematic structure of theories concerning the relation of conscious and unconscious psychological processes.
  • psychobiological — the use of biological methods to study normal and abnormal emotional and cognitive processes, as the anatomical basis of memory or neurochemical abnormalities in schizophrenia.
  • quasi-historical — of, pertaining to, treating, or characteristic of history or past events: historical records; historical research.
  • radiosymmetrical — radially symmetrical.

On this page, we collect all 16-letter words ending in ICAL. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 16-letter word that ends in ICAL to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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