Words ending with ical

5 letter words ending with ical

  • tical — a former silver coin and monetary unit of Siam, equal to 100 satang: replaced in 1928 by the baht.

6 letter words ending with ical

  • amical — (now rare) Friendly, amicable.
  • apical — of, at, or being the apex
  • epical — (literature) Any book containing 2 or more epics.
  • laical — (archaic) Of or pertaining to a layman or laity.

7 letter words ending with ical

  • antical — (of the position of plant parts) in front of or above another part; anterior
  • artical — Misspelling of article.
  • codical — Of or pertaining to a code or codex.
  • comical — If you describe something as comical, you mean that it makes you want to laugh because it seems funny or silly.
  • conical — A conical object is shaped like a cone.

8 letter words ending with ical

  • abapical — away from or opposite the apex
  • alogical — without logic
  • atomical — of, pertaining to, resulting from, or using atoms, atomic energy, or atomic bombs: an atomic explosion.
  • atypical — Someone or something that is atypical is not typical of its kind.
  • biblical — Biblical means contained in or relating to the Bible.

9 letter words ending with ical

  • aaronical — Aaronic.
  • abbatical — (obsolete) alternate form of abbatial (Attested from the mid 17th century until the mid 19th century.).
  • acritical — showing no indication of crisis
  • acronical — happening at sunset, as the rising of a star
  • acyclical — (economics) Moving independent of the overall state of an economy.

10 letter words ending with ical

  • academical — academic.
  • acoustical — acoustic; specif., having to do with the control of sound
  • acrostical — relating to an acrostic
  • alchemical — Alchemical means relating to the science of alchemy.
  • anagogical — of or relating to an anagoge.

11 letter words ending with ical

  • abiological — not involving living organisms
  • aeromedical — relating to the medical treatment of disorders associated with air or space travel
  • aesthetical — of or relating to aesthetics.
  • agonistical — relating to conflict or struggle
  • agronomical — the science of soil management and the production of field crops.

12 letter words ending with ical

  • aeronautical — Aeronautical means involving or relating to the design and construction of aeroplanes.
  • aetiological — of or relating to aetiology
  • agrammatical — not obeying the rules of grammar
  • agrichemical — a chemical used in agriculture
  • agrochemical — a chemical, such as a pesticide, used for agricultural purposes

13 letter words ending with ical

14 letter words ending with ical

  • adrenocortical — relating to the adrenal cortex
  • aerobiological — Pertaining to aerobiology.
  • agrostological — of or relating to agrostology
  • alexipharmical — Alternative form of alexipharmic.
  • allelochemical — A chemical produced by a living organism, exerting a detrimental physiological effect on the individuals of another species when released into the environment.

15 letter words ending with ical

  • amphitheatrical — Having some of the characteristics of an amphitheatre.
  • anthropological — the science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind.
  • anti-historical — of, pertaining to, treating, or characteristic of history or past events: historical records; historical research.
  • anticlimactical — anticlimactic
  • antitheoretical — opposed to or contradicting a theory

16 letter words ending with ical

  • anthropometrical — Pertaining to anthropometry.
  • anthroposophical — of or relating to anthroposophy
  • anti-monarchical — of, like, or pertaining to a monarch or monarchy.
  • anti-theoretical — of, relating to, or consisting in theory; not practical (distinguished from applied).
  • autobiographical — An autobiographical piece of writing relates to events in the life of the person who has written it.

17 letter words ending with ical

18 letter words ending with ical

  • ethnomusicological — Relating to or pertaining to ethnomusicology.
  • ethnopsychological — Relating to ethnopsychology.
  • histomorphological — histology.
  • hyper-metaphorical — a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance, as in “A mighty fortress is our God.”. Compare mixed metaphor, simile (def 1).
  • immunohistological — the microscopic study of tissues with the aid of antibodies that bind to tissue components and reveal their presence.

19 letter words ending with ical

20 letter words ending with ical

22 letter words ending with ical

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