16-letter words that end in ia

  • acroparaesthesia — a persistent sensation of numbness and tingling in the hands and feet
  • adiadochokinesia — the inability to perform rapidly alternating muscular movements, as flexion and extension.
  • aplastic anaemia — anaemia caused by a defect in the body's ability to regenerate blood cells
  • auditory aphasia — aphasia in which there is no comprehension of spoken words; word deafness.
  • autobogotiphobia — bogotify
  • avian diphtheria — a virus disease of chickens and other birds characterized by warty excrescences on the comb and wattles, and often by diphtherialike changes in the mucous membranes of the head.
  • bahasa indonesia — the official language of Indonesia: developed from the form of Malay formerly widely used as a trade language in SE Asia
  • basal anesthesia — anesthesia induced as a preliminary to further and deeper anesthesia
  • british columbia — a province of W Canada, on the Pacific coast: largely mountainous with extensive forests, rich mineral resources, and important fisheries. Capital: Victoria. Pop: 4 400 057 (2011 est). Area: 930 532 sq km (359 279 sq miles)
  • bronchopneumonia — inflammation of the lungs, originating in the bronchioles
  • chinese wisteria — a high-climbing Chinese vine, Wisteria sinensis, of the legume family, having hanging clusters of fragrant, bluish-violet flowers and long, velvety pods.
  • cholesterolaemia — the presence of abnormally high levels of cholesterol in the blood
  • chondrodysplasia — (medicine) A genetic disorder characterized by short-limbed dwarfism.
  • double pneumonia — pneumonia affecting both lungs.
  • encephalomalacia — (medicine) A localized softening of the brain substance, due to hemorrhage or inflammation.
  • facial neuralgia — paroxysmal darting pain and muscular twitching in the face, evoked by rubbing certain points of the face.
  • french polynesia — a French overseas territory in the S Pacific, including the Society Islands, Marquesas Islands, and other scattered island groups. 1544 sq. mi. (4000 sq. km). Capital: Papeete.
  • gender dysphoria — a psychological condition marked by significant emotional distress and impairment in life functioning, caused by a lack of congruence between gender identity and biological sex assigned at birth.
  • glove anesthesia — loss of sensation in the hand
  • granulocytopenia — a diminished number of granulocytes in the blood, which occurs in certain forms of anaemia
  • hemolytic anemia — an anemic condition characterized by the destruction of red blood cells: seen in some drug reactions and in certain infectious and hereditary disorders.
  • hyperchlorhydria — excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
  • hyperinsulinemia — (medicine) The condition of having an excessively high level of insulin in the blood, usually due to excess production.
  • hyperlipoidaemia — Alt form hyperlipoidemia.
  • hypophosphatemia — (medicine) An electrolyte disturbance in which there is an abnormally low level of phosphate in the blood, most commonly seen when malnourished patients are given large amounts of carbohydrates, creating a high phosphorus demand in the cells of the body.
  • kingdom-of-nubia — a region in S Egypt and the Sudan, N of Khartoum, extending from the Nile to the Red Sea.
  • locomotor ataxia — tabes dorsalis.
  • lower california — Baja California.
  • lymphangiectasia — (medicine) dilation of the lymphatic vessels.
  • mainstream media — newspapers, magazines, television, and radio, as opposed to social media
  • menometrorrhagia — (pathology) Excessive uterine bleeding occurring outside of the normal menstrual period.
  • milk of magnesia — a milky white suspension in water of magnesium hydroxide, Mg (OH) 2 , used as an antacid or laxative.
  • new philadelphia — a city in E Ohio.
  • nitrous bacteria — bacteria that convert ammonia to nitrites in the soil
  • passage to india — a novel (1924) by E. M. Forster.
  • philip of swabia — 1180?–1208, king of Germany and uncrowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1198–1208 (son of Frederick I).
  • portuguese india — a former Portuguese overseas territory on the W coast of India, consisting of the districts of Gôa, Daman, and Diu: annexed by India December 1961. Capital: Gôa.
  • pseudohemophilia — a clotting disorder caused by abnormal factor VIII activity, and characterized by a prolonged bleeding time but without the delayed coagulation time of hemophilia.
  • thermoanesthesia — thermanesthesia.
  • thrombocytopenia — an abnormal decrease in the number of blood platelets.
  • trailing fuchsia — a shrub, Fuchsia procumbens, of the evening primrose family, native to New Zealand, having long-stalked leaves and drooping, orange-and-purple flowers, used in hanging baskets.
  • trichotillomania — a compulsion to pull out one's hair.
  • umbilical hernia — a hernia of the umbilicus.

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